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TCL increased eight times brand related Tweets on the event day

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The opportunity:

At CES 2022, one of the most influential tech events in the world, TCL launched an online Live campaign with their new slogan ‘Inspire Greatness, Dare to be Extraordinary’. At the same time, they unveiled the global launch of a new series of products including the latest Mini LED TVs, full-category user scenarios, 5G mobile phones, tablets, notebook computers, and much more.  Wanting to leverage the technology-related conversations on Twitter and its active technology community, Twitter was the right place to bring the TCL brand to the next level.

The strategy:

The range of Twitter’s ad products, combined with the passion of the influential and receptive tech audience on Twitter, allowed TCL to drive awareness of TCL’s new slogan and excitement of the new series of products in wide-reaching ways.

The campaign kick-started with Twitter’s Branded Notifications across 13 countries via six handles (@TCL_TV_Global, @tcl_india, @AUTCL, @TCL_Europe@TCL, OficialBR, @tcl_middleeast) to drive awareness of the upcoming Live Event on Twitter.   

On launch day, TCL owned the Twitter Timeline for a 24-hour period in five countries to reinforce the Live Event. In order to drive further engagement and conversation with its target audience, the Twitter Live Event Page was localised in four other languages. 

TCL continued to reinforce its messaging by using Branded Emojis post the launch to build consideration.


Engage with audience via Branded Notifications

The use of Branded Notifications helped to engage and connect with the target audience before, during, and after the campaign.



#TCLInspireGreatness go live

Through a Twitter Live Event, TCL was able to connect with its worldwide audiences and reinforce its new slogan ‘Inspire Greatness’.



Localized Event Page in four languages

The localisation allowed TCL to better connect with its target audiences in their local languages.


The success:

The total views for the TCL Live Event reached 18.9 million, and the number of brand-related Tweets on launch day increased as much as eight times compared with the previous day. On launch day, the first on-screen advertisements for the five markets received more than 30.5 million views (excluding other forms of advertising). That was 12.9% more than the sum of the benchmarks in all markets.

Compared to other Live Events on Twitter, TCL successfully optimized the engagements and video views on launch day with Branded Notifications. This not only built buzz around the launch; people could receive personal notifications at the time of the launch.

Twitter created a tailored live stream solution for TCL that not only showcased TCL's core innovative technologies to consumers, but also highlighted the interpretation and dissemination of different scenarios affecting consumers' lifestyles under TCL's AIxIoT strategy, thus consolidating TCL's presence and leading position in the field of Mini LED. It also attracted massive exposure in overseas markets to our new brand proposition “Inspire Greatness, Dare to be Extraordinary”. The event achieved a very considerable number of live viewings, further enhancing global awareness of the TCL brand.

— TCL International Marketing Team

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