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How a HR company in Saudi Arabia reached over 30 million impressions in two weeks

See how you can achieve similar success

See how you can achieve similar success

TamkeenHR (@tamkeenhr) is a human resources company that offers human resource services in areas such as cleaning, elderly care, and corporate management.

TamkeenHR has enabled human resources from across Saudi Arabia and further afield to work in many government agencies, major companies, public and private sectors, organizations, and homes.


Twitter is our home for communicating with our existing and potential customers. We use it to keep our audience engaged and aware of every promotion, company update, and brand message from TamkeenHR. Twitter Ads remain a massive part of our Digital marketing strategy allowing us to maximize our ROI.

Ramy Khalil, Marketing Manager, TamkeenHR

Campaign objective

TamkeenHR wanted to raise awareness and reach a high volume of people on Twitter in Saudi Arabia, to promote their services and generate more leads. 

To do this they tested three different campaign objectives, each with strong call to actions (CTAs) and limited time, seasonal promotions.


Tamkeen wanted to reach a wide range of people and used Twitter’s targeting offerings like age, follower look-alikes, and keywords to do this.

Products used


TamkeenHR’s Twitter Ad’s achieved 30.7M impressions in just two weeks. This resulted in high engagement rates and conversions.


impressions in just two weeks.

Keys to success

Test different campaign objectives

To achieve the best results possible, TamkeenHR ran three different campaigns at the same time — an engagements campaign, a reach campaign and an app installs campaign.

The campaigns were promoting the same services, but used different creatives, ad formats, CTAs, and Tweet copy. 

TamkeenHR evaluated the different objectives, optimized the campaigns and monitored the ads using Twitter Analytics and Ads Manager.

The engagements campaign proved the most effective and resulted in more placements, showing the value in testing and optimizing throughout your ad campaigns.

Compliment ads with a strong organic presence

Twitter is where the conversation happens. Be part of it, and engage with your customers organically to ensure your ads resonate.

TamkeenHR regularly use their Twitter profile to engage with existing and potential customers and promote products and services. 

For their campaigns, TamkeenHR then have the opportunity to leverage their customer insights and reach more targeted customers at scale.

Use Twitter to connect with an engaged audience

TamkeenHR chose Twitter for their campaign due to the high number of people from Saudi Arabia on the platform, and the quality of the audience.

Compared to other platforms TamkeenHR noted that folks on Twitter have the curiosity to hear about deals and promotions. 

In previous campaigns, Twitter has also had the highest click-through rate (CTR) for TamkeenHR’s promotional campaigns. As a result no other social media platforms were used for this campaign.

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