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How a leading HR company in Saudi Arabia achieved 32M+ impressions and increased sales.

See how you can achieve similar success

See how you can achieve similar success


TamkeenHR (@tamkeenhr) is one of the leading human resources companies in Saudi Arabia. They offer human resource services in areas such as cleaning, elderly care, and corporate management.

Twitter is where conversations happen and our target audience is active on the platform. Using a mix of organic and paid advertising, Twitter allows us to reach new customers and remain top of mind when individuals and companies think of human resources.

Rami Khalil, Marketing & Branding Manager, TamkeenHR

Campaign objective

The main goal was to raise awareness of TamkeenHR’s cleaning packages and to highlight a limited time promotional offer.


The target audience for TamkeenHR is companies, public and private sectors, governments, and individuals.

For this specific campaign they wanted to reach a wide range of people and businesses across Saudi Arabia. 

Products used


Over the course of 24 hours on the 16th of March, 2022 TamkeenHR achieved: 



Trend impressions vs. avg benchmark1


+3x app installs

Three times more daily app installs for two weeks vs the average normal daily app installs (the client got before the campaign)3



Impressions on the day2


150% sales increase

Daily increase in sales for 10 days4

Keys to success

Use a mix of ad formats

Using 3 or more ad formats can increase campaign awareness by 20% and purchase intent by 7%.5

During the campaign TamkeenHR tested a number of different ad formats and features including App Buttons, Website Buttons, Carousel Ads, and video.

A variety of copy was also used with a mix of emojis and the hashtag #تمكين_للموارد_البشرية  which translates to #Tamkeen_Human_Resources

Keep the creative fresh and create urgency

TamkeenHR monitored the campaigns performance on the day and refreshed the creatives to extend their message and promote their offer.

Each creative spoke directly to customers and urgency was added by using a limited one day promotion, which was clearly communicated in the ad copy and CTA.

Compliment ads with a strong organic presence

A good campaign should be complimented by a strong organic presence on Twitter.

TamkeenHR uses Twitter on a daily basis testing different formats including direct messages, copy only Tweets, engaging with potential and existing customers, videos and images.

For tips on growing your organic presence check out our organic best practices.

1 Source: Twitter Ads Manager, 16/03/22, KSA. (benchmarks provided using a Twitter internal tool)

2 Source: Twitter Ads Manager, 16/03/22, KSA

3 Source: Twitter Ads Manager, 16/03/22 - 30/03/2022, and client’s Google Analytics 

4 Source: 16/03/22 - 26/03/2022, client’s Google Analytics

5 Source: Nielsen Brand Effect (US/UK/JP/CA), Q3 2015 - Q3 2018 Connect campaigns. Comparison is v. 1 ad format alone

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