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How an insurance policy aggregator achieved 2 million video impressions


Tameeni (@tameeniksa) is the first Saudi online aggregator and website authorized by the Saudi Central bank to provide insurance technology solutions in the kingdom. Tameeni enables its customers to compare motor insurance policy and health insurance rates for SMBs.

Campaign objective

Tameeni’s objective was to raise awareness about a new feature on that allows people to split their insurance cost into monthly installments.

For the campaign, Tameeni used multiple Twitter targeting options such as keyword, follower look-alikes, and demographic targeting, to ensure the campaign reached the right audience.


Tameeni’s campaign focused on their comprehensive motor insurance segment – the target audience for this campaign was car owners aged 21 to 60 – both those from Saudi and those not from Saudi.

Products used

Twitter is an effective marketing channel for Tameeni, where our customer base prefers to connect with us.

Mohammad Alaya, Marketing Supervisor, Tameeni


Tameeni’s campaign achieved impressive results in terms of impressions and engagement:

2 million

impressions over 5 days1

20% increase

in website traffic vs. previous Twitter campaign2

Keys to success

Use learnings from previous campaigns

If you’ve run a previous campaign on Twitter, take into account anything you learned from that regarding your audience, your products, ads, creative, and campaign length. For example, Tameeni noticed that in their previous Twitter campaigns, video content achieved higher engagement with their followers, so they made sure to include Video Ads in this campaign. 

During your current campaign you should also use Twitter Analytics to monitor what Tweets are performing best with your target audience.

Make the most of Twitter’s targeting options

Tameeni found Twitter’s targeting features were extensive compared to those offered by other channels, and allowed them to understand and find their audience better.

For instance, as the objective of the campaign was to spread awareness about the new installment feature, Tameeni used keyword targeting to reach those who are interested in ‘comprehensive insurance’, ‘installments’, ‘car insurance’, and ‘brand new car insurance’.

Focus on Twitter’s best practices for Tweets

Some of the best practices Tameeni followed for effective ads include using product-focused visuals, appealing to their key selling points – the option to pay insurance repayments on a monthly basis – and using a clear call-to-action for their followers to take.

Want some more tips? Here are more of our best practices for Twitter Ads.

1. Source: Twitter Ads Dashboard (April 2022)
2. Source: Twitter Ads Dashboard (April 2022) & Google Analytics as provided by Tameeni

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