A high-tech sportswear brand increases its revenue

Strammer Max (@strammermaxcom) is a German company that offers high-quality compression wear for men and women, as well as nutritional supplements for athletes.

Campaign Objective

Strammer Max used a website clicks campaign to encourage new customers to click on the ads, follow the link to the company’s website, and ultimately make a purchase.


The campaign targeted users who had expressed an interest in sports, fitness, and sportswear and those who were likely to value quality and performance over price.



Increase in turnover

“For years, Twitter’s precise interest targeting has allowed us to make new customers aware of our brand. It is the most important communication channel for us.“



— Oliver Meier, Co-Founder of Strammer Max

Keys to success

Think outside the box when defining the target audience

Think outside the box when defining the target audience

Strammer Max found that they could use interest targeting to successfully reach those whose main interests fell outside their own market sector. They didn’t just focus on athletes, for example, but also included owners of sports cars and readers of business magazines. These people were likely to have the purchasing power they were looking for.


Test, evaluate, and optimise

Test, evaluate, and optimise

Strammer Max were able to take advantage of Twitter’s flexibility and real-time feedback. They tested a variety of creative content and could see straight away what was working and what wasn’t. In this case, images explaining how their compression wear works proved to be most effective, so they tailored their campaign accordingly.

Gather data over time

Gather data over time

Interest targeting enabled Strammer Max to reach out to new audiences. But reaching them wasn’t enough. They wanted these people to actually purchase products from their website. Over time, they were able to use the data they gathered from interest targeting to develop enhanced conversion strategies. This meant that they could turn more leads into sales and maximise the revenue earnt from their Twitter campaign.


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