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SofaScore goes live in a new market with Twitter Amplify

Key Results:


Video Views

Link Clicks

The Opportunity:

Twitter is where live events happen. Whether it’s a football match or a tennis final, the platform’s unique nature allows users around the world to experience the same thing together. 

It’s no surprise that time spent on Twitter increases by 22% during live events while it decreases by 9% on other social media platforms. 

For @SofaScoreINT, a company offering live-score services for over 20 sports, the importance of engaging with current and potential customers during live events was vital.

So when the time came to launch cricket as a new sport available in India, @SofaScoreINT saw Twitter as the right partner to reach the right people.

The Strategy:

@SofaScoreINT decided that the Indian Premier League, India’s biggest cricket tournament, would be the perfect time to introduce its innovative solution to cricket fans. However, it wasn’t just about reaching these fans but converting them.

This is why the brand decided to partner with the cricket authority in India, Cricbuzz, and leverage its premium content around the Indian Premier League.

With Twitter Amplify, @SofaScoreINT was able to place Pre-Rolls ahead of Cricbuzz content and start positioning its service within the cricket world.

Branded Hashtags drove further recognition as the campaign hashtag (#SofaScoreIPL) stood out in an already busy timeline.

Finally, App Install Cards encouraged users interested in real-time cricket updates to learn more about @SofaScoreINT and access the app with just one click.


Align your brand with premium content with Twitter Amplify

@SofaScoreINT partnered with cricket authority Cricbuzz to display 6-second videos before its content around the Indian Premier League.



Express your brand’s personality with Branded Hashtags

Using a Branded Hashtag (#SofaScoreIPL) allowed the brand to showcase its personality and stand out from the crowd.



Convert customers with App Install Cards

With App Install Cards, @SofaScoreINT told the story behind its innovative solution and directed users to download the app.

The Results:

Partnering with the biggest authority in cricket in India helped @SofaScoreINT secure 2.3M video views and 96K engagements. Furthermore, an audience actively engaged with live events found the solution relevant, which resulted in 19K link clicks.

With Twitter being the fastest global news source and epicentre of all relevant conversation, it was exciting to participate in real-time discussions with cricket superfans during the Indian Premier League and introduce the new SofaScore cricket feature. Together with our partner Httpool, we secured the best video content on the market by Cricbuzz to support our efforts during this live event. The level of engagement and awareness was beyond our expectations, and we were able to focus our budgets effectively and efficiently.

Vedran Petranović, head of growth at SofaScore

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