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How delivery app Snoonu increased brand awareness using Trend Takeover.


Snoonu (@snoonu_qa) is an e-commerce platform and delivery app located in Qatar, servicing businesses such as restaurants, groceries stores, and retail shops.

Twitter is a platform that allows people to closely interact with Snoonu and break the barriers that are usually there between brands and customers. This campaign also helped us create an emotional bond with our audience. We are planning to do more of this kind of campaign in the future to increase our engagement, brand awareness, and reach.

Hamad Mubarak Al Hajri, Founder & CEO, Snoonu

Campaign objective

Snoonu’s goal for their ‘Old is Gold’ campaign was to increase brand awareness and create a connection with different generations across Qatar.


Snoonu wanted to reach a broad range of people in Qatar who would resonate with the 1980s and 1990s theme of the campaign. 

Products used

Snoonu has been using Twitter Ads for two years and we are very proud of the results we’ve achieved. To develop our relationship with people on Twitter further, we used a Twitter Takeover campaign to promote Snoonu’s ‘Old is Gold’ campaign. This helped us connect with people on Twitter in Qatar and the performance of the campaign was amazing.

Nashmia Quadri, Digital Marketing Lead, Snoonu



Trend Takeover impressions




Video views



Keys to success

Consider your target audience

Twitter attracts people across all ages including teens and young adults – in fact, Gen Z is Twitter’s fastest growing demographic.2 Snoonu wanted to create a campaign that appealed to all generations and chose a nostalgic 30-second video with a retro feel to do this.

Snoonu further encouraged engagement by asking a question within the copy, “Tell us, what did you love the most in the eighties and nineties?” and keeping the Tweet short and to the point. The video achieved an 89% positive and neutral sentiment during the campaign, suggesting it resonated well.3

Use Trend Takeover to connect and build relevance

Trend Takeovers benefit brands looking to connect with what’s happening by maximizing discovery, building relevance, and securing adjacency to what you know will be trending that day.

To enhance the reach of their video and increase brand awareness Snoonu opted for a Trend Takeover, resulting in almost half a million impressions and almost nine thousand engagements.4

Test different ad creatives

Trend Takeover allows for creative swapping, giving you the flexibility to extend your message and further tell your story.

Making the most of this, Snoonu utilized five different video versions, which were tracked using Twitter conversion tracking, account manager, and mobile app tracker Appsflyer.

If you have a large campaign coming up, make sure to have three to five ad variations to hand. This will help you optimize if a certain ad doesn’t resonate with your target audience. 

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