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Savage X Fenty

This disruptive lingerie label gained more online traffic and new customer acquisition on Twitter

See how you can achieve similar success

See how you can achieve similar success

Savage X Fenty (@SavageXFenty) is a lingerie company founded by Rihanna (@rihanna) and TechStyle Fashion Group in 2018. Their product offerings range from everyday basics to more provocative pieces to satisfy every mood and every body. The brand is focused on celebrating fearlessness, confidence, and inclusivity and has disrupted the marketplace with their accessible price point and extensive assortmentment of lingerie.

Campaign objective

Savage X Fenty uses Twitter to amplify their ambassador content and Xclusive collections, connect with their customers and current events, and tease behind-the-scenes footage and monthly product drops. They’re always looking for innovative ways to unlock new audiences and learnings through performance media efforts. With Twitter’s younger age demographic and highly-relevant index of interest and engagement surrounding Savage X Fenty, they recognized the opportunity Twitter presented to unlock new audiences. In addition to the current value organic was driving, they decided to invest in Twitter Ads to grow their customer acquisition efforts.

Savage X Fenty ran a website clicks campaign (now called website traffic) on Twitter using image and video ads to drive prospects to their online store to shop new arrivals and sales. Their main objective was to attract new VIPs at the lowest cost-per-acquisition or cost-per-purchase.


Savage X Fenty’s original plan was to target their main audience of females aged 18+, however Twitter’s unique platform and targeting options quickly taught them that honing in on a more segmented audience would yield stronger results.

They targeted keywords surrounding fashion, special occasions, and Rihanna, in addition to highly-engaged look-a-like followers of handles belonging to artists in the hip-hop, pop and R&B genres. They also leveraged their existing customer cohorts to create similar audience segments.


Savage X Fenty noticed their Twitter campaigns outperforming their most efficient scaled media channels in terms of cost-per-purchase, and their results aligned well with the performance trends that they were expecting.


increase in scale quarter-over-quarter (Q4 2020 - Q1 2021)

Keys to success

Optimize your targeting

Savage X Fenty optimized their website clicks campaigns (now called website traffic) by testing different creatives and audience groups, and adjusting their budgets. One practice they followed was toggling off keywords and look-alikes that were spending, but not converting. They leveraged the audience insights feature to discover the most relevant keywords, handles, and conversation topics to define their audience targeting strategy.

Use strong copy and creatives

As a performance creative powerhouse, Savage X Fenty started by deploying their top performing creatives from similar channels and iterated from there, making subtle adjustments to align more closely to the Twitter user experience and best practices. Some of their best practices for effective ads include using product-focused visuals, appealing to their key selling points (size and fit options, as well as their affordable price point), and showcasing their VIP membership program benefits. 

Run a Twitter website traffic campaign

Twitter’s website traffic objective is designed to drive traffic to a designated website and generate conversions. This campaign leveraged Twitter’s unique data signals and identity graph to target previously unreached audiences to drive cost-efficient and high-intent traffic. With Twitter’s Click ID and improved conversion optimization for site visits, this objective is better than ever. Savage X Fenty benefitted from these improvements and achieved strong performance results and cost-per-purchase metrics by running website traffic campaigns on Twitter.

Savage X Fenty looked to Twitter to unlock new audiences for our younger demographic and drive customer acquisition growth. We discovered that thoughtful creatives uniquely targeted to specific segments produced meaningful results.

Candace Curtis, Media Manager | Paid Social at Savage X Fenty
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