Rock/Creek (@RockCreek) is an independent retailer offering the very best in outdoor equipment and apparel available through the company’s website and in five retail stores.


Rock/Creek wanted to rise above the noise around Black Friday and Cyber Monday to drive sales of their Patagonia inventory.


Many online retailers run sales during Black Friday so Rock/Creek wanted to get a head start with some early promotions.

A month prior to Black Friday, Rock/Creek used Promoted Accounts to attract new followers interested in activities aligned with their products. For example, Rock/Creek targeted people interested in camping, kayaking and rock climbing. Since their upcoming promotion was focused on Patagonia gear, Rock/Creek also targeted people with similar interests to those who follow Patagonia.

Rock/Creek engaged followers with Promoted Tweets in the timelines of their existing followers to ensure they didn’t miss out on the promotion. To extend their reach, the team also targeted messages to people similar to their followers and likely to be interested in @RockCreek’s content.

Rock/Creek’s Tweets included a 20% discount with a countdown to the end of the promotion. The company also used the hashtag #getwarm as a simple way to emphasize seasonality tied to their offer. To help people decide on which type of fleece best suited various outdoor needs, Rock/Creek included links to their fleece buyer’s guide.



During their campaigns, Rock/Creek significantly increased their follower base and saw a peak engagement rate of 5.10% with their Promoted Tweets. The company’s Google Analytics also showed the impact of Promoted Tweets not only on driving an increase in traffic from Twitter, but across all other online channels as well. Overall, Rock/Creek achieved a 40% increase in sales and their best sales day of the year.


increase in followers over prior month
  1. Create a sense of urgency

    Lead people to take immediate action with a countdown that highlights the time left in your promotion. 

  2. Experiment with content

    Test and learn with photos, hashtags and links to determine what drives the highest engagement. 

  3. Keep followers engaged

    Start a conversation by using Promoted Tweets to place messages front and center in the timelines of followers. 

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