How a leading German supermarket connected with Twitter’s gaming audience.


REWE (@REWE_Supermarkt) is a large supermarket chain with retail stores across Germany.

Campaign objective

REWE wanted to connect with young people on Twitter, communicate that they are a great place to work and encourage job applications.

To do this they created a recruitment campaign based around gaming, with a variety of ad formats and gaming-themed copy and creative.


The target audience for the ‘Get Into the Game’ campaign was gaming enthusiasts in Germany aged between 13-34.

REWE wanted to connect with this younger audience and encourage applicants to their warehouse and in-store graduate roles. To do this they used a mix of age and interest targeting. 

Products used





Link clicks



Keys to success

Create assets tailored to your audience

It’s important to get your ad creative right. For their campaign REWE had a clear target audience in mind — young gamers — and based their assets and copy around this.

The videos and ad images had a retro video game feel and played up to personas from video games. The campaign copy also followed this narrative and included clear CTAs encouraging website traffic. 

Use Twitter to connect with gamers

The gaming community on Twitter is active and engaged. In the last year there were 70 #Gaming Tweets per second on Twitter2 and Q4 of 2021 was the biggest quarter ever for gaming conversation on Twitter3.

In short, the gaming conversation on Twitter offers a wealth of connect opportunities for brands. To learn more check out these tips and insights for brands on how to plug into #GamingTwitter.

Use a mix of ad formats for best results

Using 3-5 different ad formats has been shown to drive brand lift and campaign awareness.4

REWE used a variety of formats to engage with their audience, including Video Ads and Image Ads with Website Buttons.

REWE also tested different hashtags, with #REWE #job and #JobsGutFinden performing best.5 Learn more about Twitter Ads best practices.

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