A healthy snack brand starts conversations among teens on Twitter

See how you can achieve similar success

See how you can achieve similar success

Pom’Potes (@Pompotes_Fr) is a brand belonging to MOM Group, a healthy food company that was founded in France in 2006. They manufactured the first ‘fruit in a pouch’ product and are committed to providing natural and organic snacks for both kids and adults. They’re a market leader in the healthy snacking industry, and MOM Group also operates in the US under the brand GogoSqueeze (@GoGosqueeZ).

Campaign objective

Pom’Potes uses Twitter for digital activations to reach their primary teenage customer base in France. Their goal is to bring their brand and products top of mind among families with children, teenagers, and young adults.

In collaboration with their advertising agency Socialclub (@socialclubparis), Pom’Potes ran an engagements campaign on Twitter with three video ads that encouraged their audience to Tweet and reply with their custom campaign hashtag #SnackEnScred. They also used teenagers and school-centric scenes in their videos to better connect with their target audience.

They’ve found Twitter to be a successful platform for their campaigns because of its ability to start and maintain conversations around specific topics. They’ve also run similar campaigns on Snapchat with comparable results, but they lacked the strong conversation benefits.


For this campaign, Pom’Potes targeted their primary audience of teenagers in France. They did so by leveraging Twitter’s location and age targeting tools, as well as targeting look-alikes of popular French influences in the teen space.

In this Tweet, Pom’Potes offers their product as a solution for loved ones who eat other snacks too loudly.


Almost 30M total video views

across their three video ads

Keys to success

Invest in video on Twitter

Videos are one of the strongest and growing mediums, with a 95% increase in daily video views on Twitter over 18 months*. Pom’Potes honed in on this strength by producing and running three, high-quality video ads that tied together some key best practices. They kept their videos short (45 seconds or less), opened with movement, and showed strong human connections throughout. Pom’Potes also auto-optimized their videos and let Twitter serve the ad that performed best out of the three more, to help drive stronger overall campaign results.

*Source: Internal Twitter research, Q4, 2019

Use actionable Tweet copy

In addition to Pom’Potes strong creatives, they also capitalized on one of Twitter’s best practices by using short and actionable Tweet copy in their ads. This helped encourage viewers to take action and reply to their ad after they finished watching, and ultimately helped ignite trending conversations among teens that Pom’Potes was aiming for. They also ran their campaign with the engagements objective, as opposed to the video views objective, to help reach people who are more likely to react and interact with content.

Twitter is the best social network to generate conversation on a specific topic.

Valentin Fertillet, CEO at Socialclub
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