Pescanova La Pasta del Mar launch success story


How a Spanish food brand launched a new product and smashed its regular engagement metrics

The Nueva Pescanova Group (@Pescanova_es) is a Spanish multinational which was created to revolutionize the fishing industry and bring fresh fish direct to the consumer's table.

They fish, farm, process, and commercialize over 70 species of fish and shellfish in 80 countries all over the world. For this campaign, Pescanova worked with agency Making Science (@Making_Science) to launch a new product, ‘Pasta del Mar’, generate conversation, and drive sales.


“By using the different formats and objectives available on Twitter and the correct audience targeting, we achieved our objectives, generating debate and consideration about our new product Las Pastas del Mar.

Daniel Alfayate De La Iglesia, Senior Performance Consultant at Making Science

Campaign objective

The goal for the Pasta del Mar launch campaign was to introduce people to a new, fast and easy way to eat fish in the form of pasta. 

Pescanova wanted to maximize the reach of the new product and ultimately, for Pasta del Mar to make its way into homes. 

Above all, they wanted to generate conversation and involve people in a fun, active way, asking them “Is it Pasta?” or, “Is it Fish?” using the hashtag #EsPastaOPescado. This was the main reason they chose Twitter for this product launch campaign.


Pasta del Mar wanted to reach a broad range of people based in Spain including young couples, single people, and families. 

The Twitter Ads targeting used included broad age targeting, location targeting, gender targeting for both men and women, and look-alikes targeting audiences of supermarkets, competitors, and big food retailers.

Products used


Pescanova obtained strong results, combined with an above sector average positive sentiment (76% positive and neutral) and industry average click rate (0.26% vs. 0.31%) of the consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector in Spain. In just 24 hours, the Takeover campaign received

10.7 M impressions
955,350 full video views

The overall campaign results acheived + 10% growth in the engagement rate, compared to Pescanova’s campaign average, alongside:

2.4 M impressions
1.5 M video views

Keys to success

Using Twitter to launch something new

Twitter is the place to make a launch worth talking about, and this is exactly what Pescanova did. 

By creating a fun launch campaign that encouraged people on Twitter to answer a question and use a specific hashtag, Pescanova created a buzz, awareness of their new product, and targeted the right audience. 

If you’re launching something new and want to learn more about launching on Twitter check out our Launch campaign page.

Multiple ad formats

Using three or more ad formats can drive better results, including increased campaign awareness and purchase intent.

Making Science (@Making_Science) did just that and worked on a strategy for the campaign using a combination of ad formats including Image Ads, Video Ads, and Carousel Ads.

Pescanova and Making Science chose Twitter to drive engagement and interaction as Twitter has the power to generate conversation in a more direct way than other social media sites.

On-brand copy and creatives

The ‘Pasta del Mar’ launch needed to generate attention and clearly show how this new product should be enjoyed. 

To do this Pescanova chose to use a range of creatives that were true to the brand’s overall image and both simple and interactive. This was done by using both image and video ads.

Pescanova also injected a sense of fun into their campaign, to encourage engagement and show the versatile nature of the product.

Strong use of Twitter Analytics

Making Science monitored the campaign on a daily basis and conducted deeper performance analysis once weekly.

In a previous campaign for the brand, the agency noted cost per interaction was on average €0.10 in automatic bidding

Learning from this they established a bid limit of €0.07, obtaining an average cost per interaction in this campaign of €0.04. A reduction in cost per interaction of 60% was achieved thanks to the clever use of analytics.

Learn more about how to use Analytics on Twitter



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