Success story

How OREO’s #OREOscopes brought the signs together only on Twitter

Key Results:

higher engagement

more likely to engage with OREO

Over 30.8K

The opportunity

Brands look to Twitter to connect to meaningful conversations with people on the timeline — even with scorpios. And one conversation that’s continued to grow on Twitter is astrology. In 2020 alone, there were 59M Tweets about horoscopes.1

How could OREO connect with this space for a unique consumer experience? They didn’t need the stars to align, thanks to the tools already — and only — on Twitter.

The strategy

Given the popularity of horoscopes within the astrology conversation, OREO needed a way to create a typically 1:1 activity at scale.

OREO launched a first-ever campaign that had all of the zodiac signs Tweeting. Leveraging Twitter’s in-house #EmpathyEngine, OREO connected on a personal level and provided automated, unique #OREOscopes for people on the timeline. The goal was to make participants feel seen and heard (which is super important to our aquarius friends). 

Here’s how it worked:


Create excitement with Branded Notifications.

OREO drove anticipation with a Branded Notification that encouraged people to get their horoscope with just one click. By Liking OREO’s Tweet, a time-triggered, automated response was directed to zodiac fans.


Get personal with #EmpathyEngine.

OREO leveraged Twitter’s bespoke #EmpathyEngine technology just for its parent company, Mondelez, to scan people’s profiles for unique characteristics. Based on these insights, OREO created one-of-a-kind #OREOscopes for each person that opted in.


Deliver unique results to your audience.

Whether you’re a double stuffed or the OG OREO, people who liked OREO’s Tweet were given their OREOscope via Twitter’s Conversation Button. And as a result, the campaign created a fun and personalized experience for astrology enthusiasts and brand fans alike.

The success

The stars aligned for OREO. The campaign generated over 30.8K #OREOscopes with Twitter’s #EmpathyEngine. People knew their sun sign, moon sign, and now their OREO sign. The out-of-this-world campaign saw 28x higher engagement than standard paid campaigns, and participants were 2x more likely to engage with OREO over standard paid ads. 

By positioning OREO as part of the astrology conversation, #OREOscopes brought all of the signs out to participate in an only-on-Twitter experience. And even the virgos had fun.

1. Twitter Internal, 2020

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