Skincare brand increases ad views via sponsorship

Nivea España (@nivea_es) is the Spanish account of prominent skincare brand Nivea, a company with more than 130 years of experience in the personal care industry. Building on this heritage, Nivea continues to innovate and lead the way with new products. 

Campaign objective

In the lead up to summer, Nivea España wanted to spread the word that its sun protection products are free of the potentially harmful chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate. In order to get the message out to the right people, Nivea used sponsored pre-roll video ads to appear before partner content such as Elle and Cosmopolitan magazines.


The campaign targeted women aged 25–49 years old with an interest in beauty, well-being, skincare and the environment.




In-stream ad display rate

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“The variety of ad formats offered by Twitter, including sponsorship, allowed us, together with segmentation, to reach the target audience while they consumed summer-related content in magazines like Cosmopolitan or Elle.” 


— Ana Indriago, Performance Manager, Nivea Spain

Keys to success

Use the support available

Use the support available

This was Nivea España’s first sponsored campaign, and support from Twitter was available throughout to ensure that everything went according to plan. Of all Twitter’s partners, Nivea chose Elle and Cosmopolitan to sponsor, as they produced relevant content and shared a similar target audience.


Build on the results

Build on the results

Nivea España was able to check campaign performance via the Twitter dashboard. By taking an active role in monitoring the level of response to each sponsored ad, the Nivea team was able to test which received the greatest response. This enabled them to lean in to the most effective ones, increasing return on investment.

Learn from your audience

Learn from your audience

Twitter’s the ideal place to chat with members of the public, to find out what’s important to them in the here and now. Nivea España observed and interacted with its following, developing relationships. Based on this, their team were able to deploy rich media content at appropriate times and make the kind of impression the audience was hungry for.

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