A sustainable building program creates a community on Twitter

See how you can achieve similar success

See how you can achieve similar success

Mostadam (@mostadam_sa) is a sustainable building program established by the Ministry of Housing in Saudi Arabia. Their services range from construction quality control to sustainability assessment. They aim to raise the standard of residential construction, and increase energy and water efficiency across Saudi Arabia.

Campaign objective

Working on behalf of the Ministry of Housing, the agency Ways Marketing Solutions launched a followers campaign on Twitter to help spread the word about the Mostadam program. At the same time, they also encouraged new and existing followers to interact and engage with their account.


The campaign was targeting people aged 25+ living in Saudi Arabia who were interested in remodeling, construction, and building or purchasing residential property.

In this Tweet, @mostadam_sa promotes their quality and comprehensive building inspection services.



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Keys to success

Find the right audience

Twitter offers an abundance of targeting options. The main goal of the Mostadam campaign was to increase the number of followers, but the quality of those followers was also important.

Options such as interest and follower look-alikes targeting enabled the team to focus on those who were most likely to be interested in and engage with their content.

In this Tweet, @mostadam_sa targeted engineers to register and join their team.

Foster engagement with fans

The Mostadam program is all about getting citizens engaged in raising the quality of residential construction. Mostadam found that Twitter polls were a great way to engage with followers and keep them invested in the subject. People can vote with a simple click, but polls also lead to Retweets and often result in wider discussion.

In this Tweet, @mostadam_sa runs a Twitter poll asking their audience to vote on the most important stages of construction for the building's sustainability.

Observe and adapt

The team behind the Mostadam campaign were able to take full advantage of Twitter’s flexibility and real-time analytics. They could test different advertising techniques, see how each one was progressing, and allocate budget accordingly. This meant that they could optimise their spend and focus on the best performing ads.

In this Tweet, @mostadam_sa shares a video about their sustainable building program.

Twitter is the best when it comes to achieving our client's business objectives and also how user engagement towards a brand creates a great impact. Ideas and trends reach everyone faster than lightning!

Hosam Elhaj, Head of Digital Marketing at Ways Marketing Solutions
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