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How Wise Publishing brand MoneyWise improved cost-per-site-visit and drove traffic to their article.

Wise Publishing and MoneyWise

Wise Publishing is a digital publisher and technology company that believes online publishing tools should be more useful and productive, and that consumers deserve the best possible information to help them make smart choices and get ahead. Through the MoneyWise brand (@moneywisecom), they publish articles about how to easily manage your finances.

Our primary goal when advertising online is to ensure our target audience is getting to our landing pages and seeing our content. Leveraging Twitter was a key step in this process, and Site Visit Optimization allowed us to confirm the effectiveness of the platform while improving our cost-per-site-visit.

Erica Tsai, Digital Marketing Manager, Wise Publishing

Campaign objective

The primary goal of the campaign was to improve cost-per-site-visit, to get more people to click through to MoneyWise’s content. To do this MoneyWise tested three campaign optimizations, using the same creative over the same time period for each. 

The campaign optimizations tested were Link Click Optimization, Conversion Optimization, and Site Visits Optimization — a new buying model under the Website Traffic objective (formerly Website Clicks). 

Site Visits Optimization is a new optimization goal dedicated to finding and serving your ads to audiences most likely to visit your website. By enabling the Twitter Website Tag, Twitter is able to track actions that audiences take on an advertiser's website and attribute them to their Twitter ads campaigns.


MoneyWise’s audience for the campaign was young adults interested in financial news and wealth blogs. Particularly young adults on Twitter who had not yet discovered MoneyWise, but could be interested in the publication.

Products used


MoneyWise’s Site Visits Optimization campaign resulted in lower costs-per-site-visit than their Click Optimization campaign or Conversion Optimization campaign

Site Visits Optimization campaign compared to Click optimization campaign
  • 62.93% lower cost-per-site-visit (CPSV) in comparison to link click campaigns.1
Site Visits Optimization campaign compared to Conversions optimization campaign
  • 33.56% lower cost-per-site-visit (CPSV) in comparison to conversion campaigns.2


Keys to success

Optimize for site visits

To test the effectiveness of Site Visits Optimization against Link Click Optimization and Conversion Optimization, MoneyWise used identical campaign budgets, bids, and creatives to test the three optimizations for seven days.

Site Visits Optimization performed better and provided a 62.93% lower CPSV in comparison to link click campaigns, and 33.56% lower CPSV in comparison to conversion campaigns.

Site visit optimization campaigns have now become a key optimization preference for MoneyWise Twitter Ads campaigns

Make sure your landing page adds value

When choosing your landing page destination for Website Traffic campaigns, send people somewhere they can take action. In this case MoneyWise drove traffic to a piece of content on their website they already knew was popular. 

Other good landing page options include a page where people can browse products, shop a sale, or sign up for emails. Whatever it is, make sure it links directly to the campaign creative so that it makes sense for the person when they land on the page.


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1Wise Publishing internal data, 145,793 pageviews compared to 60,250 pageviews, December 14th- December 21, 2021 SVO cost - 3,329.22$ , compared to CVO cost - 3,614.47$

2Wise Publishing internal data, 145,793 pageviews compared to 99,567 pageviews, December 14th- December 21, 2021. SVO cost - 3,329.22$, compared to CO - $3,615.00


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