A female-founded startup turned to Twitter to encourage people to vote

See how you can achieve similar success

See how you can achieve similar success

M.M.LaFleur (@mmlafleur) is a female-founded retail startup built on a core belief: When women succeed, the world becomes a better place. Their aim is to take the work out of getting dressed, so that women can focus on the work that matters to them. They thoughtfully create each piece of clothing with functional details (such as adjustable hems and bra-strap holders), comfort, and style in mind to help empower women.

They also have a digital magazine, The M Dash, that offers wardrobe advice, career tips, and interviews with inspirational women.

Campaign objective

M.M.LaFleur started using Twitter Ads in early 2020 for culturally-relevant campaigns, where they connected their products with International Women’s Day, the Girl Scouts of the USA, suffrage and voting awareness, and non-profit women's organizations. Based off their previous success with Twitter Ads, the M.M.LaFleur team launched their #ReadytoVote campaign on Twitter in October. 

In this website clicks campaign (now called website traffic), M.M.LaFleur offered customers up to a 50% discount on their best-selling products for encouraging others to vote in the 2020 US presidential election. Customers had to share a photo, screenshot, or story of them participating in voting activities in order to receive the promotion code. M.M.LaFleur’s goal was to bring awareness to the campaign, increase engagement with their audience, and drive customers to their website to shop with the discount.

They turned to Twitter to help them achieve their goals because they wanted to connect with the passionate, voting-related conversations that were happening on the platform. They had also already built a strong audience related to gender equality, women’s interests, and keywords that they could tap into for this campaign.

The targeting features on Twitter were particularly helpful for this campaign. We wanted to reach civically-engaged women who would be interested in our promotion and have use for our type of clothing. Twitter gave us the ability to tap into this audience from all angles using keywords and follower look-alikes from accounts related to professional women, women’s empowerment, and women voters.

Kate Hackett, Growth Marketing Manager at M.M.LaFleur


M.M.LaFleur specifically targeted women 25+ in the United States for this campaign. They also targeted keywords related professional women (i.e. “women in power”, “working women”), gender equality (i.e. “IWD”, “women’s rights”, “gender equity”), and voting (i.e. “women voters”, “election2020”). Lastly, they added follower look-alike targeting from other Twitter accounts such as @SheShouldRun, @girls_inc, @LeanInOrg, @HuffPostWomen, and @GloriaSteinem.


M.M.LaFleur used UTM tracking to measure and track their results. Their goal for this campaign was to convert new customers and achieve a strong return on ad spend (ROAS). Their results from Twitter achieved these goals, and surpassed metrics from similar campaigns running on leading competitors to Twitter. 

Compared to such competitors, they saw the following results from Twitter:


higher return on ad spend (ROAS)


basis points higher conversion rate


higher average order value (AOV)

Keys to success

Connect with what's happening on Twitter

M.M.LaFleur saw incredible success in their #ReadytoVote campaign by connecting and aligning their brand and products to an existing event happening in the world. They were able to reach the passionate people who were already engaging with the 2020 US presidential election conversations that were unfolding on the platform. They also saw similar results with their other campaigns connecting to International Women’s Day to the Girl Scouts of the USA. Twitter is the place for brands to connect with what’s happening, and tools like keyword and conversation targeting help companies like M.M.LaFleur reach that valuable audience.

Learn how to connect with what's happening on Twitter.

Encourage engagement in your Tweets

This #ReadytoVote campaign required customers to directly engage with the brand in order to receive the discount promotion code, by sharing a photo or screenshot of them participating in voting activities. The direct calls-to-action and style of tone they used to explicitly ask for engagement in their Tweet copy is known to perform well on Twitter.

Test your creatives

M.M.LaFleur used their in-house creative team to develop assets for this campaign, and they tested two options against each other — one static image Tweet vs. one video Tweet. This is a great practice to learn how audiences respond to different types of content, and which styles perform better. They found that the static image option outperformed in the test, yielding better link click rate and cost-per-click metrics. The campaign also automatically optimized towards serving that version more so M.M.LaFleur didn’t have to manually make any extra optimizations.

Twitter is a platform that a lot of important conversations and social movements originate on and grow on. When you’re a brand with a social mission or are running a cause-based campaign, it’s great to be able to meet your target audience where they are.

Kate Hackett, Growth Marketing Manager at M.M.LaFleur
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