LuLu Hypermarket success story

LuLu Hypermarket

A multinational retailer connects on Twitter during Ramadan

See how you can achieve similar success

See how you can achieve similar success

Lulu Hypermarket (@LuLuHyperSA) has 219 stores across the Gulf region, Egypt, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. 

The stores offer an ultra-modern shopping experience and everything a shopper could need from groceries and textiles to fashion, home appliances, electronics, furniture, stationery, and IT products.

The Twitter platform was extremely easy to use and very helpful to reach out to our audience.

Muhammed Shafi, Senior Digital Marketing Executive, Lulu Hypermarket

Campaign objective

Lulu Hypermarket wanted to boost brand awareness with a variety of videos including recipes, new offers, and videos promoting relevant products during the month of Ramadan.


With such a broad selection of products to offer, Lulu Hypermarket wanted to reach a wide target audience of men, women, and families. 

Lulu Hypermarket used Twitter’s targeting offerings like age, follower look-alikes, and keywords to reach the right people at the right time.

Products used

Video Tweet announcing a new easy installments payment option — this Tweet received a 49.39% engagement rate vs our benchmark of 12.10%


Based on strong Twitter campaign results in the past, Lulu Hypermarket found Twitter to be the most cost-effective option for their campaign.

The brand successfully raised brand awareness — maintaining an excellent video views rate of over 41% through a mix of relevant videos, and high engagement with one video Tweet announcing a new easy installments payment option receiving a 49.39% engagement rate vs our benchmark of 12.10%.

Keys to success

Use Twitter native ad tools

Twitter’s powerful targeting tools help you get your brand and message in front of the right people.

The key to success for Lulu Hypermarket’s campaign was the clever use of these analytics and well-chosen targeting options based on their findings. 

Targeting was very helpful in reaching the most relevant audience during the Ramadan period, while results were tracked using Twitter Analytics and Activities Dashboard.

Video Tweet promoting a limited run buy one get one free offer

Short video Tweet promoting burger products in Lulu Hypermarket

Test, learn, and optimize

Lulu Hypermarket tested a variety of different campaign creatives, to find the content that resonated with their target audience best. 

They did this through a series of A/B testing, content localization for their different audiences and markets, and monitoring of Twitter analytics. 

A variety of bidding options were also tested. Initially, an automatic bid type in order was used to find a healthy approximate cost per result. Followed by target bid with the help of the benchmarks shared by Twitter.

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