Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama

How Louis Vuitton generated hype with a creative launch for their new collaboration with Yayoi Kusama

Ten years after a successful first collaboration, Louis Vuitton (@LouisVuitton) reunites with Yayoi Kusama. Known for her colourful aesthetic, the influential Japanese artist was invited to revisit the House's iconic pieces. By applying her signature pop pumpkins and coloured polka dots, she projects them into a new dimension. 

84% of people use emojis or stickers in messaging apps1 and on Twitter, people love emojis. How did Louis Vuitton capitalise on this audience who loves creativity and showcase the launch of LVxYayoiKusama collection on Twitter? 

Campaign objective

For the digital launch of its global campaign, Louis Vuitton turned to Twitter. With the help of the Twitter NEXT team, they innovated to mirror the audacity of this collaboration. To showcase the new collection, exclusive solutions were imagined and tailored-made. Twitter injected fun and brand new user experiences into the campaign to generate engagement and conversion.



People played the Branded Hashfettis 3 times1


Engagement rate on Promoted Tweets1


Overall Impressions - on Takeovers and Branded Hashfettis in 24h1

Keys to success

1. Share the collection symbol with a Branded Hashtag

A month before its release, Louis Vuitton delighted fans by bringing to light the first images of the collaboration with Promoted Tweets and its signature, reference to Yayoi Kusama's pumpkins through a Branded Hashtag.

2. Tease fans through Branded Subscriptions

To make sure that no fan missed the collection launch, Louis Vuitton sent notifications to everyone who liked the Tweet allowing them to receive personal reminders and be notified on the day of the launch through a Branded Subscription.

3. Celebrate Yayoi Kusama’s creativity with Branded Likes

To pay tribute to Yayoi Kusama’s origins, Louis Vuitton launched the campaign in Japan first. They created a Branded Like to exhilarate and amplify the conversation around the collaboration. Associated with a Timeline Takeover, the Branded Like is a surprise animation that sparks when one hits the like button. The Kusama pumpkin Branded Like was then extended to the rest of the world during the global launch of the collection.

4. Own the conversation with Takeover solutions

For the global launch, in addition to Branded Subscription, Louis Vuitton made sure to maximise awareness and make the collection a must-see by appearing, in a video, at the very top of the Explore tab, where all the trends start, with a Trend Takeover+ or at the forefront of the conversation by being the first ad of the day seen by someone on their News Feed with a Timeline Takeover.

5. Surprise users with an exclusive brand new experience: Hashfettis

To celebrate this ambitious collaboration, Twitter imagined and created an exclusive feature called Hashfettis. When the campaign hashtag #LVxYayoiKusama is clicked, it rains the iconic pumpkins over the timeline. The surprise bewitched people on Twitter who Tweeted their amazement and filmed the animation as supporting evidence.

The success

Louis Vuitton tapped into Twitter's fashion audience with the arrival of its collaboration with Yayoi Kusama. The campaign teased, launched, and sustained the momentum on Twitter's timeline. With Twitter's Promoted Tweets, Takeovers, Branded Hashtags, Branded Subscriptions, Branded Likes, Branded Hashfettis and 3D Dots, Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama created a big splash. The campaign strategy turned into real-world results with more than 90M overall  impressions for Takeovers and Branded Hashfettis.

We are thrilled to premier a Global Market-First Innovation on Twitter for our Global campaign of the year #LVxYayoiKusama. All creative custom formats developed by Twitter - The Branded Hashfettis (a Kusama's Pumpkins confetti rain), the Branded Likes & the 3D Tweets - brilliantly resonate with the creative concept of the collaboration and allow us to turn the platform on Kusama-mode.

Pierre Castillon, Director Digital Media/Communication

1. NY Mag: Smile, You’re Speaking Emoji - Flying Saucer Creative: Emoji Marketing Campaigns: The Evolution of a new language


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