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An American brewing company, partnered with Rivery during the 2018 World Cup to maximize their Twitter campaigns by amplifying brand awareness, interacting with global fans, and gauging audience interest. With Rivery they gained real-time data analysis and actionable insights resulting in being the most discussed brand of the tournament on Twitter. 


Key results

637,925 global tweets mentioning the brand, the most of the tournament
Increased Twitter data consumption by 600% over 1.5 years

The challenge

A leading adult beverage company invested heavily in World Cup 2018 marketing and needed to ensure these investments reached their full potential. They had integrated campaign initiatives in over 50 countries. They sponsored digital campaigns on Twitter, such as “Man of the Match,” a live social voting portal that ranked the best players. And they needed visibility into Twitter campaigns to maximize their performance.

The adult beverage company needed a data management solution that could activate more data, combine KPIs across channels, and offer a real-time window into how fans were reacting to the campaigns. 

With the tournament just weeks away, they had neither the time nor the resources to build data connectors from scratch. And the solution needed to be compatible with their existing data infrastructure, which included Hadoop, a software framework for processing big data; Microsoft Azure, a cloud data warehouse; and Qlik Sense, a self-service data discovery and analysis tool. 

After researching options, only Rivery could meet all their criteria, including immediate time-to-launch. 

The strategy

Get the adult beverage company Twitter data into the cloud data warehouse to generate real-time insights and analysis for the World Cup campaigns.

Rivery came with 150+ native data connectors and the ability to build custom data connectors as needed. Twitter data was instantly streamed into the data stack for actionable intelligence. With a paradigm-shifting ELT model, Rivery aggregated, orchestrated, and integrated all their data in a single dashboard. 

Rivery enabled the adult beverage company to track Twitter campaign performance and make strategic decisions about campaign execution. With real-time campaign data, merged with data from other channels, they could optimize ad spend, track consumer behavior, and deliver specified messaging to improve conversions on a massive scale.

Rivery’s success at the World Cup opened the floodgate. The ROI was obvious, and we knew that we wanted to scale up dramatically.

Fernanda Rossi, Global MarTech BI & Analytics Manager


Rivery brought the adult beverage company immediate success at the World Cup and set them on a path for future long-term success. 

At the World Cup, the adult beverage company set up a “War Room” putting Rivery at the heart of the command center where the 

“Man of the Match” poll was one of the most successful digital campaigns surrounding the tournament. 

Over the course of the tournament, Twitter revealed that the adult beverage company lager beverage was the most discussed brand, with 637,925 global tweets. Beating out Adidas, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Apple. 

After the success of the World Cup 2018, the adult beverage company used Rivery to reorient the company’s data operations exclusively around SaaS platforms, creating unmatched speed and efficiency. Their global teams initiated an impressive rollout to regions around the globe. Soon, Rivery was powering the adult beverage company Twitter campaigns all around the world. 



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