Case Study

Kuda succeeds by connecting with culture on Twitter

Key Results:


new followers


The Opportunity:

Brands succeeding on Twitter know the importance of connecting with culture. Doing so has a positive impact across various metrics such as message association (+18%), brand awareness (+8%), and purchase intent (+3%)1.

For @kudabank, a fintech company making financial services more accessible, afordable and rewarding for Africans, connecting with culture on Twitter has set them apart from its competitors and their product-oriented approach.

As Valentine’s Day approached, @kudabank saw an opportunity not only to dig deeper into its connection with culture but also to encourage users to take action.

The Strategy:

#KudaIsLove was the message the bank used to join the Valentine’s Day conversation on Twitter. The message holds a strong link with the bank’s DNA as “kuda” means “love” in Shona language and “love for people’s financial wellbeing” is one of @kudabank’s key pillars.

#KudaIsLove was a full-funnel campaign that started with a series of engaging initiatives such as downloadable Valentine’s wallpapers and heart-shaped doughnuts giveaways.

Alongside these actions, Timeline and Trend Takeover were used to further increase awareness and strengthen the link between #KudaIsLove and Valentine’s Day.

Conversation Cards encouraged users to join in the conversation by adding a branded overlay to their profile picture whenever they used the #KudaIsLove hashtag.

Finally, App Install Cards drove users to download the app and see for themselves what made @kudabank so loving.


Boost awareness with Twitter Takeover

Combining organic initiatives with Trend and Timeline Takeover helped @kudabank own the Valentine’s Day conversation.



Help users join in with Conversation Cards

Allowing users to get a branded overlay with just one click proved to be an effective way of making them part of the #KudaIsLove campaign.



Drive action with App Install Cards

Once the message was received, users were more likely to engage with the App Install Cards and try out @kudabank’s app.

The Results:

The #KudaIsLove campaign demonstrated that connecting with culture drives positive results across the purchase funnel. While the 67K engagements and 5K new followers showed high levels of awareness and consideration, the low Cost Per Install of $0.12 for Android and $0.17 for iOS showed that users were willing to take action too.

1.  Nielsen, Brand Effect Studies Meta Analysis of Connect Campaign Studies, Q3 2015–Q3 2018, USA/Canada/Japan/UK

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