Advice and consultancy firm makes a social impact

Based in Catalonia, JDA (@jdainfo) is a consultancy and law firm with more than 30 years of experience. As members of SFAI, a prestigious international professional services network, they offer a range of strategic solutions for businesses.

Campaign Objective

JDA wanted to expand their reach on Twitter and gain more followers as part of their global digital strategy.


This campaign was aimed specifically at medium-sized companies that do business in Catalonia, so influential Twitter accounts were targeted by country, interests, and other factors.



Followers during the first six months of 2018

“Twitter has helped us to build the social identity of the brand in a short period of time. Also, Twitter Ads’ dashboard makes it very easy and quick to create a campaign and manage the results.” 

— Cristian Serrano, Social Media Manager

Keys to success

Set a goal that aligns with business priorities

Set a goal that aligns with business priorities


JDA started their campaign with a clear objective in mind – to increase their reach on Twitter by growing their follower base. This goal was not seen as distinct from other areas of their business, however, and was incorporated into their overarching global digital strategy.


Provide relevant content

Provide relevant content


Different audiences want different things. JDA knew what would attract the most attention from the businesses they were targeting and capitalised on that knowledge They were able to spend time tailoring their content, choosing the best options for visuals, copy, and calls-to-action in order to achieve their goal.


Measure results on a rolling basis

Measure results on a rolling basis


JDA used the Twitter Ads dashboard to keep a close eye on the campaign’s performance. The tool provided them with a simple way to track a variety of metrics such as follower growth and cost per follower. This enabled them to adjust their targeting and achieve a greater ROI on their campaign spending. 


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