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How a premium wellness brand utilized Twitter’s new Conversion API to enhance campaign measurement.


Hyperice (@Hyperice) is a premium wellness brand that offers products like massage guns and compression technology. Hyperice’s brand ethos makes them open to new, big and bold ideas as they strive to be the unanimous number one brand in wellness technology.

Please note this campaign was part of a Beta launch campaign.

As the advertising world continues to prioritize user data privacy, Conversion API becomes an increasingly important tool that allows for continued measurement and success for our brands. Twitter has built a clean and simple solution to CAPI implementation that sets a high bar for marketers.

Pavan Malani, Social Media Manager, PMG

Campaign objective

Hyperice and agency PMG (@pmgworldwide) main objective was to boost website traffic.

They participated in the beta test of the Conversion API (CAPI) measurement solution, allowing them to accurately measure site visits and use those site visits for optimization.


Hyperice has two main target audiences. One is the active athlete who can benefit from Hyperice products aiding their warmups and recovery and ultimately helping them level up their game. 

The second is a more casual consumer who faces body pain in day-to-day activity and can use Hyperice products to help with this pain and continue living actively. Interest, follower look-alikes, and conversation targeting were used to reach these target audiences.

For example, people with an interest in biking, exercise, workouts, and active lifestyles were targeted, follower lookalikes of various fitness and wellness companies were targeted, and conversations around things like fitness, healthy eating, and running were also targeted.

Products used


Over the course of the test period, May 10, 2022 - May 24, 2022 Hyperice achieved:1

3.2M+ impressions
22,741 site visits


  • CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) for the campaign averaged $3.112, a 75% improvement compared to the brand’s historical benchmark for the website traffic objective on Twitter3


  • Cost-per-click and click-through-rate beat the brand’s website traffic benchmark by 80% and 15% respectively4

Keys to success

Utilize Conversion API to unlock measurement insights 

As an alternative and complementary solution to the Twitter Pixel,  Conversion API (CAPI) allows a direct, server-to-server connection to share conversion data with Twitter to enable measurement of Twitter campaigns.

Conversion API increases measurement options and provides you with control of what data is shared. CAPI can also help unlock additional measurement insights and track offline conversion events.

For this campaign Hyperice and PMG used the data collected through the CAPI to increase attribution signals and optimize their campaigns, which in turn, helped them to beat their benchmarks.

Lean on documentation for easy setup

The CAPI implementation process for Twitter has been created to be straightforward for advertisers with an active developer account.

According to the advertiser, the documentation was key to fast implementation. Find out more in the step-by-step guide to CAPI. Please note Twitter Ads API access is required to use the Conversion API (CAPI) solution.

Video Ads to encourage click through

Video Ads are a great way to show off a product or service, and with the addition of Website Buttons your Tweet creative becomes a button to your landing page of choice. 

For their campaign Hyperice utilized creative best practices with short 10-second videos that showcased product education imagery, attention grabbing and short, to-the-point copy and call-to-actions (CTAs).

Learn more about video best practices on our video resources page.

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  • 1Twitter internal data, May 10, 2022 - May 24 2022, US
  • 2Twitter internal data, May 10, 2022 - May 24 2022, US
  • 3Based on the brands historic benchmarks for website traffic objective on Twitter, 2021, they had a $1.84 CPLC and a 0.78% CTR. For this website traffic campaign using CAPI they had $0.35 CPLC and 0.90% CTR
  • 4Based on the brands historic benchmarks for website traffic objective on Twitter, 2021, they had a $1.84 CPLC and a 0.78% CTR. For this website traffic campaign using CAPI they had $0.35 CPLC and 0.90% CTR
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