Success story

How Alexa's voice came to life on Twitter… literally

Learn how Twitter’s Voice Tweets showcased Alexa’s voice-enabled capabilities to millions.

Key results

average impressions per Voice Tweet1

more engagement compared to category engagement benchmark 2


The opportunity

What if a brand could speak to you using only its voice? That’s the thinking that inspired a partnership between Amazon Alexa and Twitter to show off Alexa’s AI assistant personality and unique voice-enabled capabilities. It was also the catalyst behind an increase in engagement among Twitter users that came across the new feature.  

The strategy

Twitter is always encouraging people to use their voices. And with Voice Tweets, which adds a human touch to the way we use Twitter, Alexa has a unique opportunity to connect with people, while giving new meaning to the way we express ourselves in conversations across Twitter. Here’s how:

Steps to success:


Engage fans through trivia

As one of the first brands to utilize the new feature, Alexa created added awareness for Voice Tweets by quizzing its audience with engaging trivia questions. This drove higher engagement for the responding Voice Tweets and allowed for fans to test out the new experience on Twitter. 


Connect your campaign to national holidays 

Alexa works all year around — even on holidays. That comes in handy when it’s time to promote a new feature. 

For example, celebrating National Pet Day, Alexa created relevant and gamified content to help users partake in the day through Voice Tweets. Fans appreciated the opportunity to show off their knowledge. 


Lean into celebrity partnerships

In our experience, few things garner more awareness for a new product rollout than a celebrity endorsement. Alexa recruited Shaquille O’Neal to help challenge sports fans to identify him through a freestyle rap. This pop culture quiz emphasized the power of voice and demoed the usefulness of Alexa on Twitter. 


Drive discovery and engagement through gamification 

Alexa inspired people to discover new ways in which they could use their Amazon Echo by challenging them to Voice Tweet a tongue twister involving a Brazilian chinchilla. It wasn’t easy and many failed to win the challenge, but the point is that many users attempted it and experienced a whole new way to engage on Twitter by using their own voice. 

The success

Alexa on Twitter got people talking: With +3M average impressions per Voice Tweet, this new feature not only beat all category engagement benchmarks by 59%, but it also gave people a new way to use their voice. Through campaign trivia, timely holiday Tweets, celebrity influence, and a chinchilla-themed tongue twister, Amazon Alexa and Twitter drove engagement and product awareness using the power of voice. 

Hey, Alexa? Let’s get Tweeting. 


1 Twitter Internal, January 01, 2021- June 30, 2021
2 Twitter Internal, January 01, 2021- June 30, 2021

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