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How a clothing brand connected with Twitter’s golf community during the 2022 PGA Championship and drove engagement and relevant website traffic.


Greyson (@GreysonClothier) is a lifestyle and sport apparel brand that merges fashion and active clothing by creating timeless products from premium fabrics suited for the modern lifestyle. Beyond a clothing brand, Greyson has evolved into a community founded on the values of loyalty, camaraderie, and innovation.


For this campaign Greyson collaborated with Labelium (@labelium) — an independent digital group with 20 offices in 14 countries and over 700 digital marketing experts worldwide. Labelium relies on a strong international network to help support the digital acceleration of companies. The agency manages and optimizes digital performance for brands around the world.

Using Twitter to promote Greyson’s golf apparel line during the 2022 PGA Championship helped us reach new qualified audiences while using content that showcased both the brand and Justin Thomas, brand ambassador and winner of the PGA championship. The results of the campaigns, especially in terms of video views and engagement, exceeded our expectations. We would definitely consider Twitter for future brand launches.

Elodie Altmayer, Senior Manager, Paid Social, Labelium

Campaign objective

Lablium’s strategic recommendation was to create a campaign with two phases. First, Amplify Pre-roll was used to reach people interested in golf and golf tournaments with video content featuring brand ambassador and professional golfer Justin Thomas (@JustinThomas34).

This was followed by a website traffic campaign to re-engage people who had previously engaged with Greyson's videos. 

The overall goal was to leverage the 2022 PGA Championship to expand the brand’s reach to new, relevant audiences and promote Justin Thomas' championship styles within the Greyson's collection.


The target audience was mainly focused on people interested in golf and professional golf tournaments.

Working with Labelium, Greyson used a Twitter Pixel and engagement data to target follower look-alikes and retarget audiences to drive people down the funnel throughout the campaign.

Products used



    258,209 Pre-roll views with 43.58% Pre-roll rate and $0.03 cost-per-view1
    Website traffic campaign generated 1,331 link clicks with 0.33% click rate and $1.88 cost-per-link-click2


Keys to success

Use Amplify Pre-roll to connect with your target audience

Amplify enables your brand to align with culturally relevant videos that your target audience is already watching – meaning they are receptive and leaned-in. Your Video Ad will play as pre-roll at the start of premium videos across categories you select.

In this case, Labelium and Greyson used branded video assets featuring their brand ambassador and winner of the PGA championship.

The video was kept short, included clear branding and was highly relevant to the target audience — all Amplify best practices. Learn more about Twitter Amplify.

Install the Twitter Pixel to measure results

With the Twitter Pixel and/or Conversions API, you can measure web results in the way that works best for you. The Twitter Pixel website tag is implemented on your website enabling conversion tracking for your web campaigns. 

For this campaign, Labelium and Greyson measured campaign performance using pixel data to look at website performance.

Pixel data was also used to retarget audiences that engaged with previous campaign Tweets and move prospects down the funnel.

Drive people to buy on Twitter

In a Twitter Shopper Behavior Survey 76% of people agreed that conversations on Twitter result in a product purchase.3

Twitter can be a powerful platform for clothing brands, right through the entire purchase cycle from research and consideration to purchase and recommending. 

Products like Image Ads with Website Buttons combined with the website traffic objective can be impactful in both driving high quality traffic and on-site conversions. Learn more about website traffic campaigns

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  • 3Twitter Shopper Behavior Survey, Sept. 2021. Agree/Somewhat Agree with the statement: “Conversations about products on Twitter result in my purchasing a product.”
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