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A global arts organization promotes its video mini-series on X

See how you can achieve similar success

See how you can achieve similar success

Getty (@GettyMuseum) is a global arts organization committed to the exhibition, conservation, and understanding of the world’s artistic and cultural heritage. It aims to engage, delight, and educate anyone interested in exploring the arts. While currently closed due to COVID-19, the Los Angeles-based Getty shares art, knowledge, and resources online and welcomes the public for free at the Getty Center and the Getty Villa.

Campaign objective

Getty coproduced its first virtual, family-friendly theater presentation called “The ODDyssey” with the Troubadour Theater Company. Working with marketing agency Hawke Media (@hawkemedia), it ran multiple X Ads engagement campaigns to promote this mini-series. 

Getty's main goal for the ODDyssey X campaign was to raise awareness about its mini-series and drive people to its YouTube channel. 

Getty chose X to achieve these goals because it wanted to test a social advertising platform that offers creative and unique ways to engage with followers, as well as take advantage of the strong organic following and engagement that Getty already has on X.


For this campaign, Getty primarily targeted follower look-alikes of @GettyMuseum, @thetroubies, and @Red_Tricycle to capitalize on those organic followings. It also leveraged X’s keyword and interest targeting to reach people searching for and engaging with the terms: “getty museum,” “the troubies,” “performing arts,” “theater,” “plays,” “performing arts,” “comedy,” and “parenting K-6 kids.”

As the mini-series and campaigns progressed, Getty also used X’s Post Engager remarketing option to re-engage people who saw its posts from previous campaigns. This strategy was used to stay top-of-mind with people interested in the series and remind them of upcoming new episodes.

We use X as a publishing channel to talk about art and Getty work, and also use it to connect with those deeper in the field to nerd out around those topics.

Sarah Waldorf, Social Media Lead, J. Paul Getty Trust



post impressions


post engagements


engagement rate


cost-per-engagement (CPE)

Given its budget, Getty estimated around 10,000 post engagements at a CPE of $0.20, but surpassed those predictions by a long shot. It also ran a similar ODDyssey campaign on Facebook and Instagram which drove relatively similar impressions but a much lower engagement and click-through rate, and a higher cost-per-result.

Keys to success

Create engaging content

The content Getty used in its ads came primarily from and were inspired by its organic posts. Specifically, it focused on generating excitement about upcoming episodes with a short sentence or two and the date/time of the new episode, so people knew exactly when to tune in. Getty also launched X polls asking people if they had watched the previous episodes to engage its followers in conversation, and remind them to binge the previous episodes before the new one premiered.

Getty also ran a successful evergreen campaign alongside its various episode-based campaigns to continually engage with its audience during the downtime between episode launches.

Use ad group scheduling to tell a story

When creating its X Ads campaign, Getty set up multiple ad groups, which is an extremely helpful strategy for showing different messages to different audiences, or adjusting budgets or dates for particular groups of people. 

Getty used its various ad groups to schedule content across consecutive weekends aligning with each episode’s release. By doing so and having an “always-on” evergreen campaign layered on top, it was able to generate excitement with its audience week-over-week and keep people coming back for more.

Find your audience with X's targeting

Connecting with the right audience for this campaign was crucial to Getty’s success. X’s relevant targeting parameters allowed it to capitalize off of its pre-existing strong organic following with look-alike targeting, and remarket to viewers and fans of its previous ODDyssey episodes.

Getty also wanted to ensure that its audience related to the content of the ODDyssey mini-series, which is a family-friendly play, and it was able to use keyword and interest targeting to tap into the parenting community on X.

What I think makes X unique in comparison to other social platforms is the opportunity to engage with your brand’s following in a much more organic manner. X is very conversational-based, as opposed to visual-based, which allows brands to add depth and personality to their social media. For an organization like Getty, which focuses heavily on education and history, X presents an opportunity for knowledge sharing and engagement in a professional manner.

Maddie Marten, Media Manager, Paid Social at Hawke Media
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