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German Doner Kebab

How a food brand promoted two hero products and disrupted the New Year conversation on Twitter.

German Doner Kebab

Guided by the mantra ‘Kebabs Done Right’, German Doner Kebab (@GermanDoner_UK) serves dine-in and takeaway gourmet kebabs in over 100 restaurants in the UK, Sweden, North America, and the Middle East.

Twitter plays a huge part in our channel diversification mix, particularly for new product launches and key campaign moments. Our audience is more active and engaged on the platform and the variety of formats and placements available allows us to creatively deliver our messaging and start conversation. Twitter will remain on our campaign plans as we progress on our journey of increasing German Doner Kebab’s presence on social.

Ellie Smith, Paid Social Manager, Social Chain

Campaign objective

In collaboration with agency Social Chain (@SocialChain), German Doner Kebab wanted to create a New Year launch campaign that stood out amongst the traditional ‘new year, new me’ conversation.

Their goal was to reach a wide audience by promoting their ‘Kcal Kebab’ and ‘Gymbox’ menu items, with the help of fitness and lifestyle creators on Twitter. The campaign was optimized towards mass reach, with secondary KPI’s including video views, and engagement.


German Doner Kebab wants everyone to enjoy their products, with a focus on Gen Z and Millenials. For this campaign GDK broadly targeted these groups (18-34) in the UK.

To make more of an impact, they then used Tweet engager re-engagement targeting to reach people who interacted with the ads earlier on in the campaign.

This helped sustain momentum and drive further engagement with the kCal Kebab and Gymbox products. 

Products used

GDK’s 15 second launch video

Teaser Tweet from whitelisted creator @davidpottsx


Over the course of two months at the start of 2022, German Doner Kebab and Social Chain achieved the below results at 35% lower than forecasted cost-per-thousand (CPM)1


Total impressions


Video views


Video completion rate



Keys to success

Tease, reveal, reinforce approach

Following Twitter launch best practices, agency Social Chain planned a three-phase campaign for German Doner Kebab — tease, reveal, reinforce.

Starting with promoting creators and general people on Twitter’s whitelisted Tweets that talked about kebabs and a healthy balanced lifestyle. 

The Tweets were promoted to tease the campaign launch and drive initial intrigue. The products were then promoted with hero videos, reinforcing the message that the kCal or Gymbox kebabs can be part of a balanced lifestyle. 

Lastly, to reinforce messaging and encourage people to go try the products, they promoted more creator Tweets and Video Ads. 

GDK Tweet from the ‘reinforce’ stage of the campaign

Video ad featuring creator @sedonsfc

Use creators to join, and disrupt, the conversation

Twitter is where relevant conversations are happening in real time. German Doner Kebab wanted to join and disrupt the traditional healthy lifestyle conversation that often happens in January and chose Twitter to do this.  

By partnering with creators already associated with healthy living, German Doner Kebab were able to tap into the conversation in a more authentic way. 

A mix of more humorous, tongue-in-cheek videos and ‘real life’ style videos featuring creators were also used to break through the New Year conversation noise. The ads with creators drove the strongest earned reach in terms of highest Retweets and quote Tweets.

Efficient CPM’s on Twitter also drove a high penetration of the target Millenial/Gen Z audience – reaching 45% of the core demographic.

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