Success story

How Fifth Third Bank tapped into #FinanceTwitter to help drive website visits

Key Results

decrease in cost per site visit1

decrease in cost per link click1

The opportunity

Growing up comes with new possibilities as well as responsibilities. One of the latter includes getting a bank account, a key rite of passage into managing personal finances.

How could @FifthThird drive traffic to their site by targeting people looking for their “grown-up bank”?

The strategy

With over 99M Tweets about finance alone in 2021,2 @FifthThird turned to Twitter, where people are heavily invested in the personal finance conversation, to increase their website traffic. 

In order to reach this audience, the banking company leveraged Twitter’s bespoke ad product, Site Visits Optimization (SVO). SVO helps find and serve ads to people most likely to visit a brand’s website and then attributes those site visits back to Twitter Ads campaigns.


Identify the right audience

Through SVO, @FifthThird was able to find the next-gen audience leaning into the personal finance conversation more than ever, with a +68% year-over-year increase in finance Tweets.3


Serve relevant ads to engaged audience members

By targeting the right audience, @FifthThird drove prospects with applicable banking needs to their website — a win-win situation for both the brand and consumers.

The success

With SVO, @FifthThird successfully targeted the right audience to drive attention to their website and, ultimately, the company’s banking offerings. Seeing a 66% decrease in cost per site visit (CPSV) and a 60% decrease in cost per link click (CPLC), the company successfully maximized its marketing spend and drove quality traffic to their site. By tapping into the power of the public conversation on Twitter, @FifthThird was able to meet its business needs while also serving the personal finance needs of its audience.

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