Eurocaja Rural

Eurocaja Rural

How a Spanish credit cooperative raised awareness of financial exclusion to millions of people

See how you can achieve similar success

See how you can achieve similar success

Eurocaja Rural

Eurocaja Rural (@eurocajarural) is a savings and credit cooperative that has over 400 branches across Spain, mostly in small rural towns. They are passionate about the communities they operate in and are actively committed to the economic and social development of those areas.

In our "Jose's reason" campaign, we used a 3+ minute video to generate conversation. Trend Takeover+ offered us a spectacular reach, stimulating the conversation of users through a hashtag #EncuentraTuMotivo and video viewing ratios that no other platform can offer.

Víctor Manuel Martín López, Managing Director at Eurocaja Rural

Campaign objective

As part of their ‘Jose's reason’ campaign, Eurocaja Rural wanted to cultivate a sense of community and highlight the need for financial support in rural areas of Spain. 

To do this they created a video, starring well-known Spanish actor José Mota (@JoseMotatv), speaking about the lack of financial services in rural Spain.

The video was promoted alongside a dedicated hashtag, #EncuentraTuMotivo (#FindYourMotive), and a teaser clip of the video.


Eurocaja Rural wanted their message to reach far and wide and targeted a broad audience of adults between 18 and 65 years old based in Spain.

Products used


Eurocaja Rural successfully spread its message, boosted engagement, and built brand awareness in just 24 hours.

10,923,849 impressions

from Trend Takeover+.

1,360,201 video views

from Trend Takeover+.

The #EncuentraTuMotivo (#FindYourMotive) hashtag appeared with a 6-second video teaser of the ad, to equally impressive results.

2,829,763 impressions

from Trend Takeover+.

Number 1 Trend in Spain

on day of Trend Takeover+.

Keys to success
Choosing the right Twitter products

Twitter Ads offers 20+ product options with different formats available for different goals.

The Trend Takeover+ product is particularly suitable for launching a new teaser video, like Eurocaja’s 6-second clip, by maximizing awareness to a broad targeted audience for a full day. 

This made it a perfect fit for Eurocaja Rural’s clever video campaign. As a result, the hashtag alone, which appeared with the 6-second video teaser of the ad, generated generated over 2 million impressions and was the number one trending hashtag in Spain on the day of the Trend Takeover+.

A strong video strategy

Eurocaja Rural used the power of video and premium ad placement to put their campaign in front of millions of people on Twitter.

The campaign was then activated across other social media, and traditional media including television, press, and radio. In no other medium was the same level of video impressions and engagement achieved.  

The video was designed to encourage conversation and divided into two, a 3-minute video and a 6-second teaser video. The video also featured a well-known Spanish actor which resonated well with the target audience and further helped boost conversation.


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