Dave sparks interest by broadcasting the news about ‘Late Night Mash’ on Twitter

Key Results


higher engagement
than average


The opportunity

With the topical comedy show “Late Night Mash” starting to air on Dave (@DaveChannel), the channel team was keen to stoke buzz for the first episode and beyond.

As core audience groups were likely to take to the second screen of Twitter before, during, and after the show, the platform was the natural place to run a launch campaign to raise awareness, boost discovery by new viewers, and drive engagement.

The strategy

To stoke excitement about the show’s launch, @DaveChannel produced short promo videos featuring host @MrNishKumar and promoted them on Twitter in the UK.

These videos included an early teaser to let fans know the show was coming soon on @DaveChannel. To spark the interest of potential viewers, the launch day video teed up the topics the show would cover that night.

Over subsequent weeks, @DaveChannel sought to sustain the campaign with reactive and topical videos. It used smart keyword targeting aligned with themes and topics covered in each episode to reach an interested audience.

To reach as many comedy fans and current affairs aficionados as possible on launch day, @DaveChannel chose to run a Promoted Trend. This high-impact placement kept “Late Night Mash” among the top Twitter Trends in the UK for 24 hours, driving mass reach and disrupting timelines to capture the attention of as many people on Twitter as possible.

Both fans and well-known faces from the show engaged and shared Tweets about the show from @DaveChannel. This engagment kept the conversation lively and buoyant before and after each episode.


Harness Promoted Trend to build awareness.

Taking over a Promoted Trend spot meant @DaveChannel succeeded in achieving mass reach and awareness at low cost, especially on the day of the show’s launch. 



Maximise engagement with relevant creative.

By creating new content each week based on the weekly episode and targeting the audience most likely to engage, @DaveChannel extended engagement on Twitter before, during, and after the episodes.



Reach the right audience with smart targeting tactics.

To land its video creative with the people on Twitter most likely to respond and engage, @DaveChannel tailored its targeting around keywords aligned with timely topics covered on the show.



Overall, the campaign generated an impressive 150K interactions on Twitter. The engagement rate was 7%, which was 3.5 times higher than the typical engagement seen by @DaveChannel.

This campaign was Dave’s most successful social media campaign for the year, while “Late Night Mash” was its most talked-about show of the past two years.

There is no better place than Twitter to promote a topical comedy news show such as ‘Late Night Mash.’ Twitter was instrumental for our campaign, driving huge buzz and talkability amongst fans and new fans, undoubtedly contributing to the success of the show on Dave.

Erina Jones, Head of Social & Online, UKTV

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