Success story

How Comcast secured website visits from small businesses on Twitter

Key Results

lower cost per site conversion (CPSC) compared to conversion optimization1

lower cost per site visit (CPSV) compared to link clicks optimization

The opportunity

Cyber attacks are just one of many things small businesses have to worry about. Looking to help take on this challenge, Comcast (@comcastbusiness) dedicated their Security Edge webpage to educating business owners about cybersecurity, potential risks, and steps to prevent an attack. 

So how did @comcastbusiness help ensure small businesses visit their Security Edge webpage to promote their full cyber solutions wheelhouse?

The strategy

Comcast turned to Twitter’s ad products to increase site visits and drive traffic to Security Edge, in an attempt to reach the most small businesses seeking cyber safety. 

For campaigns with these site visit goals, Twitter’s new Site Visits Optimization with Auto-Bid drives results. On the timeline, it meant boosting featured articles about the Security Edge webpage to the relevant audiences for an optimized cost. Here’s exactly how they did it.


Identify the right audience

While cybersecurity affects everyone, @comcastbusiness’ campaign was focused on small businesses. With over 4.4M Tweets about small businesses in the past year alone,2 Comcast Business knew Twitter was the right place to reach their audience.


Serve relevant ads to engaged audience members

This is where Twitter’s Site Visits Optimization came in. This ad buying model helped ensure Tweets promoting Comcast Security Edge were served to small businesses to make the most out of @comcastbusiness’ ad dollars and meet their goals.

The Success

With Twitter’s ad tools, @comcastbusiness successfully reached small businesses and helped drive quality traffic to the Security Edge webpage. Using Site Visits Optimization, @comcastbusiness effectively increased site visits and lowered their CPSV by 78% when compared to link clicks optimization. The campaign drew massive success, helping Comcast educate and secure small businesses — as the internet is a better place for consumers when it’s safer for our businesses.

1. Twitter funded advertiser tests conducted November through December 2021, comparing performance between 15 website campaigns using Site Visits Optimization and 15 website campaigns using Conversions Optimization and optimizing for a Site Visit event.
2. Twitter Internal Data. Semantic Core. March 1st, 2021 - March 1st, 2022, US Only

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