Renewable energy campaign ignites discussion around hydrogen

The project (@cH2ange) is an initiative by Air Liquide to foster dialogue around the role hydrogen can play in clean energy. Air Liquide is a world leader in providing oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen technologies and services for Industry and Healthcare, serving more than 3.5 million customers and patients.

Campaign objective

In order to effect change, Air Liquide needed its new @cH2ange account to find an audience, so it launched a follower campaign. With the right followers it could lead discussions about new uses for renewable energy, and how hydrogen can play an important role in making transport greener.


The cH2ange initiative is aimed at people interested in climate change, the ecological transition to a more sustainable society, and the new technologies that will help us get there.



new followers (after just 361 Tweets)

“With Twitter Ads, we optimised our message by targeting relevant users. The cH2ange community has grown and we’re now recognised as a key player in the energy transition ecosystem, especially on the topic of hydrogen.” 

— Chloe Terzian, Ecosystems & Communications Project Manager

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Keys to success

Create quality content

Create quality content

Sharing quality content is the key to success on Twitter. No other outlet enables such direct interaction with industry influencers, but this will only happen if the content is engaging enough to spark conversation. cH2ange used photos and videos with clear messaging to catch its audience’s attention.

Schedule posts

Schedule posts

The cH2ange team created a publishing calendar at the start of each month. This enabled them to plan and structure a narrative through their campaign and optimise publishing momentum. Scheduling posts means that content can be posted consistently at the time of day that works for the audience – without the need for human monitoring.

Test, evaluate, and optimise

Test, evaluate, and optimise

It’s not always possible to predict what will happen, so test out a variety of the features in Twitter Ads and evaluate the results. cH2ange used Audience Insights to regularly optimise its campaigns and ensure that its goals were on track.

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