Steel producer spreads sustainability message to new followers

  The Celsa Group (@Celsagroup) is a private equity steelmaking group made up of 8 main companies operating in 11 countries. A leader in its field, it strives to be a global steel reference through a ground-breaking approach, delivering best-in-class service to its clients.

Campaign Objective

As a major player in the steel industry, the Celsa Group wanted to share its policies and insights with as broad an audience as possible. A followers campaign provided an opportunity to extend its reach and to take a leading role in discussions around sustainability and the circular economy. Tweeting in both Spanish and English, it could reach a truly international audience


The campaign was aimed at an audience of people aged 25 to 54 in the countries where Celsa Group operates. Follower and interest targeting enabled Celsa Group to focus on those who were most likely to be interested in the steel industry.



Increase in followers

“If you don’t Tweet, you’re not communicating. At Celsa Group we understand that our communication is about Twitter.” 


— Marc Torredemer Almirall, Community Advisor at CELSA GROUP.

Keys to success

Use targeting to reach the right people

Use targeting to reach the right people

Celsa Group took full advantage of the range of targeting options available to them. They had a specific audience in mind, so were able to zero in on demographic, gender, age, location, and language. They could also show their ads to people who were following similar accounts, and those whose interests matched their target profile.


It’s all about the timing

It’s all about the timing

The time of day when content is posted can make a difference to the results.  Celsa Group tried several different strategies until they found the optimal posting schedule that would reach their intended audience and yield the best response. Today, the @celsagroup account posts at least three times each day to maximise engagement with its followers.

Stay on trend

Stay on trend

Expedient use of hashtags can help to ensure that posts are noticed. Celsa Group found that adding fresh hashtags and capitalising on current trends could boost impressions and bring new eyes to its existing content. Be wary of overuse, however, as this can cause confusion and distract from the content itself.


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