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Increasing Brooklyn Nets ticket sales

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An American professional basketball team based in New York City, the Brooklyn Nets partnered with Foursquare to boost ticket sales by driving people on Twitter to the team website. 

Key results

2% increase in site traffic, overall campaign $0.20 CPA and 5.41% CTR
Achieved 2.94% CTR, compared to 2.15% CTR benchmark


14% impressions and 7% campaign clicks with Twitter auto-optimization


The challenge

The Nets wanted to find Twitter users most likely to purchase tickets online.

The strategy

The Nets partnered with the Basis agency to reach high-intent users with messaging encouraging fans to purchase Net game tickets. Twitter provided strong interest-based and demo-based audiences. However, the Nets needed to identify users that were frequent stadium visitors and had the financial means to purchase tickets. Foursquare built custom segments for a scalable approach to reach high-income event goers based on past visitation patterns.


Foursquare proved to be a scalable and efficient data partner that complements Twitter’s native targeting, giving clients the opportunity to launch a cohesive targeting strategy to bolster campaign performance.



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