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How an ecommerce company increased brand awareness and reached 5M people in just one week.


Bolt (@bolt) is on a mission to democratize ecommerce by unlocking secure and lightning-fast one-click checkout across a fast-growing network of retailers and shoppers. Bolt is also committed to bringing this same empowerment to the work culture, where companies can create and foster cultures that care about people as much as business outcomes. 

As part of this, Bolt launched the Conscious Culture movement where people can find a community and resources to turn work culture from something that just happens at your company to something you make happen.

We are excited by this early success in brand awareness with our first-ever Twitter Ads campaign. In the future, we’ll explore how we can increase engagement with companies across industries that care about putting team health and well-being first.

Kristin Ginn, Marketing Campaign Manager, Bolt

Campaign objective

Bolt wanted to generate awareness about and get people to interact with the Conscious Culture movement.

With the help of digital marketing agency Media.Monks (@MeetTheMonks), the brand also wanted to promote their own working culture, including a newly announced four-day week.


Bolt’s target audience for this campaign were people on Twitter in the US who have an interest in hyper-growth companies, fundraising, start-ups or tech companies, and who care about a good work culture.

These included executives, founders, HR professionals, and business leaders. Follower look-alikes targeting was used to help get in front of these people.

Products used


Over the course of just one week Bolt achieved the below results. Compared to other social media advertising platforms, Bolt saw 57% lower cost per engagements on Twitter.1


5 M impressions
16.6K engagements

Keys to success

Promote awareness and action with an engagement campaign

Twitter’s engagement campaign option is best used to promote awareness around launches, connect your brand with events and influencers, and create a dialogue between you and your customers. 

Bolt used an engagement campaign to connect with a broad audience across the US and drive engagement with the Conscious Culture initiative.

The campaign ran on multiple social media platforms and as Bolt noticed the strongest engagement rates and lowest cost-per-engagement on Twitter, they shifted their budgets from other platforms towards Twitter.


Use a variety of content

Bolt’s main campaign creative used bold black and white imagery to clearly promote their #ConsciousCulture.

Following best practice, the Tweet included a clear CTA encouraging people to click through to learn more and sign Bolt’s ‘Conscious Culture pledge’.

To help add authenticity, Bolt also used Quick Promote to promote recent media coverage about their four-day work week and the values that having a conscious work culture adds to employee wellness.

Engaged business leaders use Twitter to get a pulse on concerns that may impact their teams and as a way to find resources. Now that Bolt has launched Conscious Culture to the world, we’ll be using @consciousorg to interact with people about creating and growing conscious work cultures. We’ll be experimenting with Twitter Spaces to allow for meaningful conversations with businesses directly. Our vision is a world where companies do better for their people, which ripples through the economic, social, and environmental webs that we all work, live, and play in.

Heatherly Bucher, Executive Director at Conscious Culture, a Bolt-sponsored movement

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  Figures compared to other social media platforms (LinkedIn and Facebook) from 6/6/21 - 6/13/21. CPE on other Platforms combined - $4.10.  Twitter Ads CPE - $1.75


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