Case Study

How Biohaven’s Nurtec ODT became a first-of-its-kind launch to cure the common migraine

Key results

boost in brand awareness1

increase in mentions2

lift in Tweet recall1

The opportunity

Migraines are an intense, painful condition that can affect all ages. Though they can be severe, migraines are also very common — meaning that for those looking for relief, there are a lot of options out there. 

Those looking for migraine treatment can find information on just about everything, including home remedies, pain relievers, and exercise. In such a cluttered space, how can a new product break through the crowd and reach the right audience?

@BiohavenPharma needed to reach the kind of people who are willing to try something new — and it found that audience on Twitter. According to a Kantar News study, people on Twitter are more likely than the general online population to be the first to buy and try new products.

That’s why when the FDA approved @NurtecODT, @BiohavenPharma knew it needed to find a way to make a splash and share the announcement with as many people as possible. So the brand turned to Twitter.

The strategy

As a way to launch the new treatment, @BiohavenPharma used Twitter to announce @NurtecODT’s recent FDA approval. And the launch campaign was a best-in-class example for launching on Twitter. 

@BiohavenPharma tied in @NurtecODT with conversations already happening in order to find the right audiences and connect with people who experience migraines. Through messaging and culturally relevant creative, plus a shoutout from Khloe Kardashian, @BiohavenPharma was able to share information about migraines and boost awareness of @NurtecODT. Here’s how it went down:


Get the timing right.

To get things going, @BiohavenPharma used @NurtecODT’s FDA’s approval announcement to create as much buzz about the launch as possible. The brand utilized Video Website Cards to share the news, provide patient info, and drive people to the website.


Connect to culture.

To make an even bigger splash, @NurtecODT boldly incorporated fun, culturally relevant aspects to its Video Website Card creative in order to align with the latest conversation trends on Twitter.


Take over the timeline.

In a pharma-first activation, @BiohavenPharma used First View to maximize Twitter’s most valuable ad position: the top of the timeline. Dominating the timeline is a surefire way to get the most eyeballs and drive mass awareness about a new product like @NurtecODT.


Pair up.

For an extra reach boost, @BiohavenPharma used Amplify Pre-roll to pair video with safe, premium entertainment content.


Tap into the right audience.

Although migraines can affect so many kinds of people, @BiohavenPharma wanted to be sure it was able to reach the health and wellness community. That’s why it partnered with @WebMD, running @NurtecODT pre-roll video ads alongside migraine-specific content segments as well as a pharma-first Promoted Moments to share ideas, tips, and tricks for managing migraines. The @WebMD Moment was an immersive way to share more information in an engaging storytelling format.


Keep up the momentum.

A month after the initial launch, @BiohavenPharma decided it was time for another @NurtecODT Twitter takeover, this time using a Promoted Trend Spotlight and special Branded Emoji. During this takeover, @NurtecODT mixed things up by highlighting a partnership with Khloe Kardashian, adding a human touch with a real migraine story.


Don’t sleep on the post-launch.

Just because the launch is over doesn’t mean it’s the end of the story. @BiohavenPharma used incremental media like Video Carousels to keep the @NurtecODT momentum going post-launch. In fact, @NurtecODT was the first pharma brand to use this new Twitter ad format.

The success

Overall, the @NurtecODT launch was a huge success. By launching on Twitter, @BiohavenPharma was able to break through the health and wellness space to drive conversation about the new product. 

Not only did @BiohavenPharma use culturally relevant creative to drive brand awareness and mentions about @NurtecODT, but it also utilized Twitter’s unique capabilities in a way no other pharma brand has done before.

Twitter has surpassed our expectations with respect to the impact it is having on our overall media plan and launch effectiveness. Through our close partnership with the Twitter team, we have come to appreciate the unique capabilities of the platform. Our collaboration in the design, cadence, and measurement of the media has delivered immense value and learning. We have quickly shifted from thinking about Twitter as a ‘pilot project’ to believing it will be an essential component of our media plan moving forward.

Graham Goodrich, Senior Vice President Brand Marketing, Biohaven

1. Twitter Nielsen Brand Effect for Nurtec ODT, April 24 - June 1, 2020. Exposed N = 1795, Control N = 2052, Video Viewers = 234. All increases are statistically significant at the 90% confidence level
2. Brandwatch 2020. Conversation data pulled from November 9 - 10 compared to November 2 - 8
3. Source: Kantar, News, Discovery & Influence on Twitter, Dec 2017, USA, Base=787 Monthly Twitter US Users & 1,503 Online US Population

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