A Liability Insurance Association raises awareness of safety in the workplace

The BG ETEM (@BG_ETEM) is the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association for the Energy, Textiles, Electrical Industry, and Media products sectors in Germany. It currently has around 3.8 million members in about 200,000 companies. Members can approach the BG ETEM about health and safety issues at work and the various treatments and therapies available to them.

Campaign Objective

The overall aim of the BG ETEM is to make people more aware of topics around health and safety in the workplace. In this followers campaign, they wanted to reach out to influencers on Twitter and stimulate discussion around the key issues.



The campaign focused on journalists, subject matter experts, and politicians to help raise public awareness around certain topics.



Increase in followers

“Twitter is a vital part of our digital communication strategy in order to reach target audiences that are important to us.”



— Christian Sprotte, Deputy Leader Communications/PR

Keys to success

Keep a dialogue open with followers

Keep a dialogue open with followers


Twitter enables businesses and organisations to stay in constant contact with their followers. The BG ETEM team made sure to always respond to genuine comments and to provide their followers with answers. This meant that they could build a strong relationship of trust and ensure that there was a continuous two-way conversation.

Ensure authentic interaction with followers

Ensure authentic interaction with followers


The BG ETEM found that followers responded positively when they felt valued and taken seriously. It’s not enough to simply respond with a stock answer or a line from a script. Authenticity is important, and the BG ETEM team looked to build a real relationship with their followers, even using tongue-in-cheek humour on occasion. 


Dare to be different

Dare to be different


There are many ways to broach a topic, and the most obvious isn’t always the most effective. The BG ETEM team experimented with different approaches to find new ways of getting their messages across. They found that sometimes, for example, it can have a much greater effect if a serious fact is presented in a funny way.

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