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How AITSL connected with World Teachers’ Day on Twitter

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL)

The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) provides national leadership for the Australian, State and Territory Governments in supporting quality teaching and school leadership.

We have previously advertised with Twitter, but this World Teachers’ Day we amplified our campaign even further by taking over Twitter for the whole day. This led to significant ad reach and engagement – it was a great opportunity for Twitter users in Australia to show their appreciation for teachers.

Matt Romania, Brand, Comms and Digital team, AITSL

Campaign objective

World Teacher’s Day is an annual event to celebrate teachers around the world.

In 2021, AITSL celebrated the bright future of teaching on social media and encouraged people to share a photo in their sunglasses and play a fun virtual apple game.

AITSL’s (@aitsl) objective was to promote the day in Australia, maximise awareness about the #BrightFuture of teaching and inspire Australians to show their appreciation for their teachers.

All the while profiling the work of AITSL to support teaching across Australia.


Traditionally, AITSL communicates to the education sector for its campaigns.

However, for their World Teachers’ Day campaign, AITSL wanted to spread their message not only to teachers, but also to parents and the general community across Australia.

To do this they used Twitter’s Timeline Takeover product, which by default employs nationwide targeting across a brand's chosen country. 

Our key objective for World Teachers’ Day is to remind Australians of the incredible work of teachers. Working with Twitter helped us reach new audiences across the country to be part of our #BrightFuture social media campaign.

Anne Sharman, Brand, Comms and Digital team, AITSL


AITSL drove widespread awareness in Australia in just 24 hours.


Timeline Takeover Impressions1


Total ad engagements2


Lift in brand mentions3

Keys to success

Connect with key cultural moments

Twitter is where the biggest cultural moments play out, and where the world turns to watch and talk about them.

For World Teacher’s Day, AITSL used Twitter to connect with a relevant moment and drove mass awareness about the #BrightFuture of teaching in Australia.

Moreover, people on Twitter weren’t just passively consuming AITSL’s content. According to Brandwatch, the brand was mentioned 1,307% more times on Twitter in Australia during World Teachers’ Day compared to their average Twitter mentions.4

Use Timeline Takeover for mass reach

AITSL wanted to inspire Australians to take action and show their appreciation for their teachers during World Teachers’ Day.

To do this they took over one of Twitter’s most valuable real-estates - the Timeline - to promote its messages and well-wishes for teachers.

Using Timeline Takeover, AITSL served 1.3M ad impressions in just 24 hours (against 1.2M benchmark)5 and spread their message across the country.

Learn more about how your brand can utilise Timeline Takeover to quickly deliver a message to a massive audience.


Design ads that encourage engagement

During the 24 hour campaign, AITSL rotated four different Tweets with short eye-catching videos (15s or less) and strong calls-to-action.

Ads included a virtual photo booth that encouraged people on Twitter to post a photo in sunglasses on the platform and a video ad game asking people to collect virtual apples with popular education ambassador Eddie Woo (@misterwootube).


We want teachers to feel valued and appreciated every day, and World Teachers’ Day is a perfect opportunity for the community to celebrate and thank teachers for what they do..

Clinton Milroy, Brand, Comms and Digital Team, AITSL

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