Success story

How American Express found platinum success on the timeline

Key results1

Higher #WithAmex conversation during the takeover vs. brand average

increase in card consideration

increase in service consideration

brand mentions on takeover day vs. the previous day

increase in relevancy

increase in benefits association

The opportunity

Twitter is a place where people can engage in community and conversation across an array of topics and cultural moments. Brands looking to tap into that power can look no further than the timeline, as they are 2.3x more likely to hit their KPIs if launching a campaign on Twitter.

How could American Express (@AmericanExpress) find breakthrough success on the timeline with their new Platinum Card designed to win over the hearts of art lovers and prospective card members everywhere?

The strategy

For @AmericanExpress, an established financial company with skin in the game, it was a no-brainer running a robust campaign on Twitter to tease, reveal, and sustain hype for their new product offering. Being that this was the first time @AmericanExpress reimagined two new designs to coincide with the Platinum Card’s already iconic design,the company wanted to make a big splash.

Leveraging Twitter’s ad products First View, Branded Like, Promoted Tweets, Amplify Pre-Roll, and Branded Notifications, @AmericanExpress launched to much fanfare on the timeline with their Art x Platinum designs by Kehnide Wiley and Julie Mehretu.

Steps to success:


Build anticipation

@AmericanExpress generated hype ahead of launch day using Promoted Tweets featuring branding alongside brand-focused messaging and the campaign hashtag #WithAmex to bolster awareness and recognition.


Increase engagement

To keep fans in the loop, @AmericanExpress worked with Twitter to create Branded Notifications so people could opt-in to notifications and not miss out on the new release.


Spark conversation

On launch day, @AmericanExpress utilized a Timeline Takeover to capture attention and drive breakthrough awareness of the new Platinum Card designs.


Create excitement

Creating a delightful moment for users on the timeline, @AmericanExpress and Twitter generated a custom Branded Like featuring the brand’s iconic Platinum Card imagery. 


Sustain the Hype

@AmericanExpress express sustained excitement and drove consideration for their Art x Platinum cards by aligning with premium publisher content with Amplify Pre-Roll.

The success

With a variety of Twitter ad products including Promoted Tweets, Branded Notifications, Timeline Takeover, Amplify Pre-Roll, and Branded Likes, @AmericanExpress successfully generated hype and drove awareness around the first-time addition of two new Platinum Card designs, positioning the product as not just for travel, but an elevated, cultured lifestyle, too.

During the takeover, the average conversation volume surrounding #WithAmex tripled. In addition, @AmericanExpress saw a 54% increase in mentions vs the previous day before the takeover. By positioning the Platinum Card not only as a premium financial product, but a product present for everyday life too, @AmericanExpress found favor with prospective card members everywhere.


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