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Increase brand awareness by getting as many people to see your Tweet as possible. Tweet impressions are the only thing you pay for, but people are also likely to follow, Retweet you, or visit your website after discovering your Tweets.

How do Awareness campaigns work?

Awareness campaigns will help you reach more of your customers and drive better awareness for your brand. You set a bid amount per 1000 impressions (CPM) and the campaign will optimize for unique reach, which should deliver more reach for your campaigns at the same budget, with the same targeting and creative.

Q&A: How fashion start-up Rothy's uses Twitter to drive brand awareness

Hear from the marketing team at Rothy's to learn how they leverage Twitter to drive brand awareness.

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Understand how targeting and impressions work when running an Awareness campaign.

How to spread your message with the awareness objective

See how the Awareness objective helps people promote themselves on Twitter.

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