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Target a mobile audience likely to install or engage with your app. With Tweets optimized for the mobile marketplace, people will be able to install or open your app directly from their timelines.

How do app installs or re-engagements campaigns work?

With app installs or re-engagements campaigns, you can drive users to download or open mobile apps directly from within a Tweet using App Cards — a powerful ad format that allows mobile users to preview an image, view app ratings, and install or open an app directly from their timelines. Twitter mobile app promotion campaigns are built to work on a cost per app click pricing system. This ensures you only pay for clicks that lead to the App Store or Google Play, or to open the app.

Q&A: How a mobile app increases downloads with Twitter Ads

Hear from the manager of growth at SmartNews to learn how they use Twitter to market their app.

Creative best practices for mobile app campaigns on Twitter

Take a look at these creative best practices before launching your next mobile app campaign.


of people on Twitter are on mobile and they’re looking for apps to download *
* Twitter internal data

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