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(انقر للعرض باللغة العربية)

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Twitter is the first go-to platform to discover what’s happening during Ramadan*


mentions of Ramadan on Twitter in Saudi Arabia in 2020**

3 in 1

people on Twitter explore and try new products during Ramadan***

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غير قادر على الإرسال. يرجى التحقق من النموذج للأخطاء.

    Success Story


    To raise awareness and drive engagement for its Pizza for Good Ramadan initiative, @DominosKSA launched their campaign with a Promoted Ad to invite other restaurants to take part, followed by an educational Video Ad. Almost 250,000 pizzas were donated to families in need.






    video views

    Connect with our team of Twitter Ads Specialist to plan your #Ramadan campaign

    Success Story


    During Ramadan 2020, @stc_ksa used Twitter platform to share a message of togetherness, while showcasing its telephone, fintech, and entertainment services. The campaign kicked off with a Trend Takeover+ to generate mass awareness, followed by themed Videos Ads showcasing the values of Ramadan to engage with their audience.




    brand favourability


    video views on Twitter

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    *Source: Twitter Insight Survey, Twitter audience, UAE (317), KSA (979), Egypt (1,128), January 2021
    **Source: Twitter Internal Data, KSA
    ***Source: Twitter Insight Survey, Twitter audience, Saudi Arabia,January 2021, n=979