Print platform makes its mark on Twitter (@PrintDotSa) provides printing services via an online store and print shops. Their intuitive platform allows customers to choose exactly what paper sizes and specifications they want online, and then collect the items directly from their local shop at a convenient time or have them delivered straight to their door..

Campaign objective set out to increase awareness of their brand in Saudi Arabia, and wanted to focus on the specific audience of younger people in education — a group that happens to be big on Twitter — that would be interested in using their services.


The campaign was aimed at students as well as teachers, educational institutions, and training centres.



video ad impressions



increase in sales

“The experience of using Twitter was more than wonderful, and our Twitter campaigns achieved results we never dreamed of.” 

— Khaled Bamohamad, CEO,

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Keys to success

Control costs automatically

Control costs automatically

Automation can help put a budget to the best possible use. used Twitter’s automatic bidding process to control costs by making adjustments to reflect Tweet performance. They used the number of impressions to identify and replace low performing Tweets, further increasing the value of their campaign.

Find a like-minded audience

Find a like-minded audience maximised the impact of their campaign by seeking out people whose interests matched those of their existing customer base. This dramatically increased the chances of finding a receptive audience that may have gone on to follow them and use their services.

Use keywords to identify the right crowd

Use keywords to identify the right crowd

To find people who were likely to be interested in their business, utilised keyword targeting. This enabled them to quickly reach relevant audiences based on what words or phrases they had recently Tweeted or searched for on Twitter.

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