From world-building to player feedback to gamer-to-gamer tips, Twitter is the go-to place for your fans to find all the Easter eggs. Learn how to max out the benefits.

Taking the game IRL (almost)

Your game might live off-platform, but the players are bringing their energy and excitement to Twitter. Whether it’s keeping up with the latest updates or coming to the source when they need help, this is the place to keep the gaming conversation going.


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Find your fans, share their enthusiasm, and build connections that make them feel seen.

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Case Study | Gaming

Among Us x Twitter: The stratospheric rise to 1M followers

Ever wonder how Among Us went from a small indie studio game to hitting one million Twitter followers in record time? Hear from the community director who was along for the ride.

“Twitter will be an integral part of finding and staying in touch with players, staying transparent with them, and helping to raise others up with us. And of course, to find out who the Impostors are.”

- Community director for Among Us