Remarket to people who are likely to buy from you

You can remarket to Twitter users who have visited your website, downloaded your app, subscribed to your newsletter, or interacted with your business in other ways.

When you know someone has shown interest in your business, you can personalize how you market to them and encourage them to make a purchase.

You can use Twitter Ads to start your first remarketing campaign or it can be a strong addition to your existing remarketing efforts.

Take a look at some examples of remarketing opportunities

Targeting people who’ve visited your website

Sam’s Atomic Hot Sauce could promote their top-selling product by targeting Twitter users who viewed the “Hot Sauce Holiday Bundle” page on Sam’s website.

Targeting almost-there shoppers

Yellow Shoe Shop could boost online holiday sales by remarketing to everyone who put items in their shopping cart, but did not make a purchase.

Targeting newsletter recipients

Compass Gear could begin promoting products to people who signed-up for their newsletter.

Targeting your app users

Bird Puzzle could push app updates or in-app purchases to customers who already downloaded their app.

How do you run a remarketing campaign?

The first step to remarketing is to set up online conversion tracking. When you put a conversion tag on one of your website’s pages, the tag creates a list of Twitter users who visit that page.

You can use this list, or Tailored Audience, to communicate with this tracked group differently in the future by giving it customized remarketing messages. You can also exclude tailored audiences from campaigns — making it so everyone but them sees an ad.

Getting even more from remarketing

Once you’re comfortably running remarketing campaigns, you can implement some of the more advanced aspects of conversion tracking and get even more data from your tags.

The additional information can show you how much Twitter customers are spending on your website or what they are buying, which will help you determine a more detailed return on your investment. After a campaign has been running for a while, check your Twitter Ads dashboard to track its success.

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