Twitter is where people discover, research, and purchase products

Twitter has a larger impact on purchase decisions compared to other social media sites, search, and traditional digital advertising.*

Additionally, during the holiday season more people are searching, Tweeting, and engaging with businesses than at any other time of year. Tap into this engaged audience and set your business up for its most profitable holiday season yet.

Holiday shopping happens on Twitter — make sure you’re part of it

Last year there were over 282 million Tweets from around the world about holiday shopping. Conversations spiked at the end of November on some of the most popular shopping days of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Holiday ad guide graph


Holiday shopping Tweets in 2014**


YOY growth**


Not only are more of these conversations happening, they lead to actions that benefit your business.



are planning to use Twitter for holiday shopping this year***



are likely to purchase something from a small business that they follow on Twitter***



are likely to Tweet about their holiday purchases***

How to create effective campaigns this holiday season

  1. Grow your audience
    Run an always-on followers campaign

    Your followers on Twitter are an engaged audience that are likely to become loyal customers. Learn how to effectively build a community and start reaching new audiences.

  2. Turn followers into customers
    Drive sales with Website Cards

    Followers who see your Twitter campaigns have more positive opinions and greater willingness to purchase compared to non-followers.

  3. Target customers who are likely to buy
    Use remarketing and online conversion tracking

    Remarketing allows you to target ads to people who’ve previously shown interest in your business, beyond your existing follower base.

  4. Create effective holiday ads
    Optimize your Website Card campaigns

    Website Cards make it easy to bring people to your site from Twitter. Follow our creative best practices to increase your website traffic and holiday sales.

Learn how businesses have used Twitter Ads to increase holiday traffic and sales

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