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Our Twitter Ads specialists work with businesses all around the world to help them meet their marketing objectives. Hear from them directly as they discuss our core products and share examples, best practices, and expertise about how businesses can connect with Twitter’s audience and maximize results on the platform.


Take your performance campaigns to the next level




What's covered:

Our Twitter campaign performance experts give you the tools needed to run successful direct response campaigns on Twitter and share the fundamentals of campaign optimization. Topics include:

  • Setting up your direct response campaign

  • Your optimization plan: test, optimize, and scale

  • Optimization levers and best practices



Twitter Ads 101 — How to get the most out of your marketing budget




What's covered:

Looking for ways to stretch your marketing dollars? Our Twitter Ads specialists share how to maximize the ROI of your campaigns, including insights on:

  • What makes effective ad creative
  • Choosing a bidding strategy 
  • Campaign targeting
  • Core Twitter Ads products



Secrets to successful campaigns on Twitter — right now & planning ahead




What's covered:

Our Twitter Ads specialists share tips on how to get the most out of your marketing campaigns on Twitter. Topics include:

  • Connecting with your audience in times of crisis

  • Your objectives and Twitter Ads products

  • Planning your campaigns for the brighter days ahead



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