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There's no better place for digital advertising than Twitter.

The number one reason people come to Twitter is to discover something new. They’re looking for new brands, new ideas, and new products to love. The right strategy can lead them to you.

That's why we're excited to announce the launch of "A getting started guide to advertising on Twitter."

A Guide to Twitter Advertising

Whether you're a marketer, brand or agency — this guide will help you get more out of Twitter Ads by:

Providing a
quick-start guide on how to launch a Twitter Ads account and create a winning campaign strategy

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Outlining how to reach your audience with targeting features — to find audiences by demographics, location, or intertests

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Giving you the inside track on getting better results with the latest ad formats and features like video, mobile app install campaigns, and more

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Ready to get started? Download "A getting started guide to advertising on Twitter today."

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