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Latest research

Video thrives on Twitter

Access our latest research to learn how video is a central piece of what's happening on Twitter.

Data on content formats

Learn about the five Twitter content formats that influence purchase behavior.

Holiday shopping on Twitter

Follow our data driven tips to leverage Twitter and drive sales this holiday season.

Case studies


  • 353% increase in sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday compared with the daily average across the rest of Q4
  • 189% increase in site traffic on Black Friday and Cyber Monday compared with the daily average across the rest of Q4

Campaign managed by the agency @3QDigital

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  • 62% conversion rate (site visits to newsletter sign-ups)
  • 15% increase in newsletter subscribers in one month

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Twitter Business Outlook

Twitter Business Outlook

The Twitter Business Outlook blog is your source for articles and best practices about advertising on Twitter.

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