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Spaces how-to guide

Spaces are a new way to have live audio conversations on X. This is your guide to starting, joining, and promoting a Space of your own.

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Tweet, speak, monitor, monetize – pick the product that’s right for you.


Unlock authentic and unfiltered discussions with the depth and power only the human voice can bring.


Build a Community to make new connections, and unite people who share your interests and values.

X Premium

Meet X Premium, X’s first premium features subscription service. 


Offer a monthly subscription that can help you earn revenue and connect with your X fans on a deeper level.

Media Studio

Manage, measure, and monetize your X content, from GIFs and images, to videos and live streams.


Monitor what matters most with X’s in-house social listening dashboard.

Amplify Pre-roll

A low-friction way to monetize your video content on X.

Amplify Sponsorships

With hundreds of media partners to choose from, use Amplify Sponsorships to monetize your most premium content.

Ticketed Spaces

Host exclusive conversations, create personal connections, and monetize your audience with Ticketed Spaces.

Recorded Spaces

Record your next Space to continue the conversation and let anyone listen to and share.


From high-level summaries to granular details, learn how your content is performing on X.

Embedded Tweets

Bring your pick of content from X to your website with embedded Tweets.

Media Studio Producer

Launch, schedule, promote, and clip professionally produced live broadcasts — all within Media Studio.


Get rewarded for the content, expertise, and conversation you contribute to X.



Media Studio how-to guide

X gives you more than just 280 characters to tell your story. You can use images, GIFs, videos, and live streams using the Media Studio platform.