FAQs about insight surveys

What is an insight survey?

Insight surveys allow users of Twitter to optionally share their perceptions or general insights with different companies. These surveys are distributed within Tweets from the @TwitterSurveys account.

Why am I seeing this survey?

If you see a Tweet from @TwitterSurveys, you have been selected to participate in a survey. If you do not want to participate in the survey, simply don’t respond to any of the survey questions.

Who uses this data?

Twitter or a third party partner tabulates and analyzes the results for any brands that participate in the survey. These results reflect the combined responses of those who participated in the survey. 

Will this affect my Twitter experience?

No. Your choice to respond or not to the survey will not alter your overall Twitter experience.

Why are these surveys being conducted?

These surveys are intended to help Twitter and other companies understand how users perceive and interact with products and services. This is a standard industry practice across many digital platforms. 

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